Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 11th February 2015 Written Update

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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 11th February 2015 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hain 11th February 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Watan telling Nisha that he will trouble Lakshya till she accepts him as husband. Nisha asks him to do anything. Tanu smiles thinking Watan did as she said, her plan succeeded. Nisha cries and Lakshya holds her. She is shocked seeing him. He asks what did she say. She says nothing. He holds her hand and asks why did she do this. She says to save you and your family. He says you did so much for me and I hate myself as you ruined your life for me and I thought you are wrong. She says I made you think so.

He says I knew you very well, I love you Nisha, forgive me, I don’t understand how did I think this, I know you can never do this. She says this is our fate. He says we will change our fate, I will take you. She says no, I m Watan’s wife, he will trouble you, I can face him, you free yourself from him and go, I m happy that you love me. He thinks he won’t leave her alone here if he can’t take her. Bachcha Singh looks on. Lakshya scolds Watan and Watan says you can’t even hurt me, I did not slap Nisha, but if you act smart, I will beat her, so think well, give the money and leave.

Lakshya says I won’t leave this job. Watan laughs and says asks him to go. Lakshya says he was right and I m happy that she still loves me. She says I m happy that you left the job. He says no, I will see you daily, I don’t care if Watan troubles me, as you are with me. He holds her and smiles. She leaves. Lakshya comes home and tells about Nisha’s sacrifice for them, they did not believe Nisha. They all feel bad on their mistake. Lakshya says I won’t let her be in pain, I will free her, I have to do something, and till then I will work there, and see her well being, is Watan doing wrong with her, so I can’t leave the job. Dayal says he is doing right.

Lakshya comes to Nisha and asks how is she. She says she was always hurt, and when he is infront of her, she is in more pain to be away from her. She says forget me and leave me on my state. He says fine, if you want this, I m ready to leave from your life forever, but answer me, tell me you don’t love me. She stays silent. He says I got my answer, I won’t go anywhere. Arjun comes home and Tanu gives him 5 lakhs.

She says Lakshya did not leave Watan’s job and tells everything. Arjun starts laughing. She asks did he get mad by losing. He says I wanted to do this, but Nisha stopped me, you cleared their misunderstanding and revived their love. Tanu says Watan will hurt Lakshya and have fun. Arjun says Lakshya knows the truth that Nisha still loves him and he gave sacrifice, his love will increase and Watan’s troubles are very small for her, he joined this job for Nisha. He says you did a good work this time and claps. He goes to Nisha and sees her crying.

He asks why is she crying. Nisha says I feel my tears will never end and happiness can’t come in my life. She says Lakshya knows the truth and he will not forget me, he will be alone always and not marry anyone. Arjun says this is his fate. I m alive to make Poorvi achieve her dreams. Bachcha Singh sees Arjun’s pic and recalls Nisha’s words. He recalls Arjun’s words and how he forced him to marry Tanu. He says what did I do, I have run after money all my life, and what he did with his daughter, to kick her out of home after she married her lover.

He says I ruined everything, my children are unhappy. He asks Lord to forgive him and asks him to punish him, but give his children all the happiness. He cries.

Poorvi thinks she regarded Nisha wrong and calls he to apologize. She says sorry, you ruined your life for Lakshya and us, he is very lucky. Nisha says my try did not succeed, I did not see you all happy. Poorvi says I m ashamed to doubt on you. Nisha says Watan did all this. Poorvi says how are you living with him. Nisha says for love, we have to do anything. Poorvi says I wish everyone get a loving person like you, as many people make false promises. Nisha says no, most of the times, whats seen is not true. She ends the call.

Poorvi thinks about what Nisha’s words. She thinks why did she say this, is Arjun doing what Nisha did for Lakshya. She recalls Arjun always helping her. She thinks how Sanjay helped them and she saw him with Arjun. She thinks she fell in problems after Arjun left her, but she got over the problems, I felt Lord is helping me, but maybe Arjun is helping me. Neelima comes to her and asks why is she worried. Poorvi tells her about Arjun, maybe he is helping us, as the problem he sees goes away, I feel he loves me, something is hidden from us. She reminds her when Tanu saw them on roads and argued, but Arjun was silent, and then Sanjay came there to help us.

She says I feel maybe what Nisha did for Lakshya, did Arjun do the same for me, maybe he is helpless. Neelima says I don’t know, it may or may not be, Nisha was helpless as she wanted to save Lakshya and us from Watan, but why was Arjun helpless, he would have fought with his family for you. Poovi says I don’t know whats right and whats wrong, but I know I will find out the truth and lies.

Poorvi says we have misunderstood Nisha and asks Arjun did he do the same for her, does he still love her..

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