Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th February 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th February 2023 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th February 2023 Written Episode

Nayan takes Prem to garden where Samrat is busy in an important meeting. Prem asks why did she bring him here, uncle will get scold him again. Nayan says nobody will scold him and asks him to just wait and watch. She serves snacks to Samrat’s clients and calls Samrat her swami/lord. Sam asks what rubbish is this. Nayan says when he can call her biwi/wife, why can’t she call him swami. She silently burns crackers behind Sam’s sofa making his clients panic and getting angry on him. Sam apologizes them and says they shall continue meeting inside his house. Clients walk away saying they can’t continue business with a person who is not serious about business. Nayan and Prem laugh. Sam gets angry on Nayan for making him lose a lucrative business deal. Nayan acts unperturbed with her behavior and says Prem wanted to play here. Sam leaves fuming.

Mohit and Ishani get a cab to reach court for their court marriage. Ishani feels anxious and hopes nothing wrong happens this time. Mohit assures her. Revati’s goon follows them in a truck. Prem thanks Nayan for dosas. Nayan makes him asleep and herself falls asleep next to him. Ishani asks Mohit if he is sure he wants to marry her. He says he will die if he doesn’t marry her. She says they will live and diet together. He notices a truck following them. She asks why would a truck follow them, nobody except Nayan and Malati know that they are in Shimla. He asks can driver to take an U-turn. Truck driver also takes U-turn. Mohit says he is sure Revati wants to get them killed.

Sam walks into Nayan and Prem’s room and thinks of taking revenge from them. He draws moustache and beard on their face with a permanent marker. Ishani asks Mohit ho will the escape now. Mohit asks driver to speed up the cab before signal turns red. Truck driver stops at signal while cab drives away. Prem and Nayan wake up and find bear and moustache on their faces. Sam returs and laughs. Nayan asks if he did this. Sam says he took revenge from them, this look suits them. Nayan says she will clean it with water. Sam says its from Truck a permanent marker.

Truck follows cab again and pushes it down from a cliff. Cab breaks into pieces. Truck driver calls Revati to inform her about it. He walks down the cliff and questions police who was in this car. Inspector finds Ishani’s ID card and says some Ishani Iyer was in, he doesn’t think anyone is saved after falling from such a distance. Driver informs Revati that Ishani and Mohit are dead. Revati rejoices thinking she took revenge. Nayan determines to take revenge from Sam. Sam hears her.

Precap: Sam romances Nayan in front of Ishani and makes her jealous. Mansi tries to lure him. Malati gets a call from inspector about Ishani’s accident. Nayan tells Sam that her sister died because of him, she will not spare him.

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