Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kashvi coming to the place and says she will go inside. Kashvi says she knows about the terrorist/goons who had killed 20 people earlier. The senior officer says you are the best officer of my team, I can’t let you go. Kashvi says I promise that I will come out and will bring these hostages out. Arjun along with his team enters a godown and fights with the goons there. Arjun tells Uma that he will go from backdoor as they must have kept their drugs there. He asks him to cover him and fight. Uma shoots at the goons and Arjun goes. Kashvi comes inside and gives money to the goons. She thinks how to save all the hostages, there are many goons. Arjun comes to the backside. The people are standing there and packing drugs. The goon says he will kill Arjun, who is a danger for them. Arjun comes there. The goon attacks him. Arjun fights with him. Kashvi throws the smoke bomb and aims gun at the terrorist. The terrorist attacks her, but she snatches his goon, and frees the hostages, asking them to go from back door. The terrorist tells that the bomb will explode in 30 seconds. Arjun shoots at the goon, and calls Raunaq Sir and asks him to send Police inside to catch the goons, and says some are injured and some are dead. He says all the drugs will be seized, mission successful. Kashvi takes all the hostages out, and sees a boy inside. She saves the boy and then the bomb blasts. The officer comes there and asks Kashvi if she is fine. She says yes. The officer says good job.

Arjun gets a call from Karun’s school and he tells Raunaq sir that he has to go urgently. Principal complains to Arjun about Karun. Teacher tells him that Karun didn’t study for the test, and that’s why he had kept the crackers and bursted them, and all the children got scared. Principal says they are suspending him for 2 weeks, if he doesn’t mend his ways then they will throw him out of school. Arjun apologizes to Principal. Karun says chill dad and says he don’t want to study here. Arjun apologizes and takes him outside. Arjun asks Karun, why is he doing this since 6 months. Karun says he doesn’t have the mother, and tells that he is learning on his own. Arjun says he is teaching him. Karun says he needs a mother to teach him. Arjun realizes father is not alone, a child needs his mother.

Arjun comes home and tells Nitya and Jagdish about Karun. Nitya takes Karun’s side. Karun thanks her. Arjun gets Raunaq’s call and he asks him to come, as there is an important mission for him.

Dadi tells Kashvi that she has been taking all the dangerous mission as she feels that she has lost her everything. Kashvi says I have lost my love and son, if I die then nobody will cry for my death. Dadi says even I didn’t know why Karun hates you so much. Kashvi gets Mahinder’s call. She tells that she is fine and will come there in 30 mins. She leaves.

Nitya asks Karun to enjoy the icecream. Karun tells that Dad always scolds him as he likes to scold him, but you never scold me. Arjun meets Raunaq Sir. Raunaq Sir tells about the Drug Mafia Devraj and says he is coming for his daughter’s marriage. Mahinder informs Kashvi about Devraj and says we want to catch him in this wedding,. Kashvi says she wants a strong team. Raunaq Sir tells Arjun that Delhi team has a strong team mate for you. Arjun asks when I shall join this mission. Raunaq Sir asks him to go to Delhi and you shall join her there. Arjun says ok. Mahinder asks Kashvi to leave some work for her team mate. Arjun comes there. Kashvi gets up and looks at him. Arjun also looks at her.

Precap: Raunaq sir tells that this is the only chance to catch that criminal Devraj. Mahinder says don’t take this case, but if something happens to lakhs of people then you will be blamed. Kashvi and Arjun refuses to work together. Nitya comes to know that Kashvi is out of jail. Arjun says police had found that the video was fake and that bullet haven’t matched.

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