Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th June 2022 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th June 2022 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th June 2022 Written Episode

Preesha confronts Rudra that he always points at her mistake and doesn’t trust her at all without knowing the truth. Rudra shouts he is alleging her again as she is wrong and whenever she is with him, only wrong happens to him. She asks if he was right when he kept Revati at home, now when Revati took their baby, he is alleging her. He asks if she has proof that Revati took their baby, what if Armaan took it away with her approval. She asks him to leave as they are incompatible, even he failed repeatedly as a father and a husband and trusted an unknown woman. She says she doesn’t want to see his face again as it will remind her of a failed father who couldn’t protect his children and a husband who couldn’t trust his wife. Rudra leaves. Preesha cries vigorously.

Sharda excitedly decorates the house to welcome her grandson. Rurdra returns sadly and says there is no need for all this as the baby is not coming. She asks what happened. He explains the whole incident and asks if he did wrong by leaving Preesha alone. Sharda says she can understand his pain but is more concerned about Preesha as she bore the baby in her womb for 9 months and then lost it. She scolds him for not hugging and comforting Preesha and supporting her. She asks if he realized what he did; he suffered for 5 years without Preesha, they both cannot stay without each other, then why did he do this. Rudra says he will correct his mistake and bring back Preesha home.

GPS enters and reveals that Revati had kidnapped him and was blackmailing Preesha, her goons freed him today after her motto is completely, he is worried for Preesha and hence came directly here. Rudra says Preesha is still at the hospital and runs towards hospital recalling the quality moments spent with her. Preesha also recalls same and thinks she should have informed Rudra about Revati beforehand, even he must be in pain after losing the baby, they both will search for the baby and get him back. She changes her hospital dress to leave from the hospital when Armaan enters and injects her sedatives. She falls unconscious. He thinks this time he will not let her go and will keep her with him forever. He keeps a letter on the table and takes her away.

Rudra enters Preesha’s hospital room and doesn’t find her there. He calls her number and finds it nearby. He searches her in the whole hospital and returns to the hospital room where he finds a letter which states that she is going away from him after whatever happened there is nothing left between them except lies, so she is going far away from him. He breaks down.

After 1 year, servants are seen making party arrangements as per Preesha madam’s order. Preesha enters. Servants ask if she liked the arrangements. She says all her arrangements are perfect. She asks them to call their sir. Rudra is seeing getting ready and tell his servants that he is coming down. He fails to fix his tie. Preesha walks to her husband’s room and reveals that Armaan is her husband now. She says he cannot fix a tie even after so many years of their marriage. He says he is noting without her. Ruhi walks to Rudra’s room and helps him fix a tie. He says he is getting late for the concert and walks towards door. She asks if he is fine. He says he is. She gives his wallet. Preesha fixes Armaan’s tie and says let us go down and welcome guests as its their anniversary party.

Precap: Armaan spikes Preesha’s drink. Preesha says she hates Rudra. Digvijay asks Armaan what if Preesha gets back her memory. Armaan says he will not let Preesha return to her old life.

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