Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd August 2023 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd August 2023 Written Episode

Mr Chandra informs everyone that Arjun’s tender was the best among all participants and hence Mr Varma gave him that tender. Kashvi thanks Mr Chandra for his helpe in proving her and Arjun innocent and says Pradyuman tried to bribe her and when she refused, he came up with a plan to defame her. Pradyuman asks her not to lie. Kashvi says she has a CCTV evidence and even fellow officers around when he tried to bribe her. She asks ED officers to arrest Pradyuman for trying to bribe her. ED oficers arrest Pradyuman. Pradyuman says Kashvi is not doing it right and he will take revenge from her. Kashvi says he shall remember that he will be in trouble if he tries to harm her family. Police drag Pradyuman away. Romila tells Mahima that Kashvi is not simple as she looks, she is very intelligent and shrewd. Mahima says she will use Kashvi in her favor, just wait and watch.

Jagadish tells Arjun that he couldn’t get a better life partner than Kashvi who is so intelligent and handled a sensitive issue so maturely, he shouldn’t delay proposing her. Arjun says he will propose her only when he becomes competent enough for her just like Jagadish proposed Nitya only after he became a civil services officer with his hard work; he will work hard on his biogas project and after becoming successful, he will propose Kashvi. Next morning, Kashvi gets ready in a beautiful sari. Arjun praises her beauty and asks where is she going. She says she is going to hoist an independence day flag in Nekpur village. Arjun says he can accompany her as his biogas project is in Nekpur village itself and he will interact with villagers. Kashvi agrees. He goes to change in kurta to match her.

Pradyuman’s lawyer bail him out. He scolds lawyer for being late and letting him in lockup whole night. Lawyer says his team worked whole night to prepare for his bail, it was difficult due to independence day, but he managed somehow. Pradyuman sends him away and asks his assistant to find out where Kashvi is as he wants to take revenge from her. Assisant informs her that she is going to hoist independence day flag at Nekpur village, it’s sarpanh is unhappy with biogas project as villagers will get jobs and become prosperous and sarpanch will lose his hold on them. Pradyuman says he will use it in his favor and destroy Kashvi.

Kashvi and Arjun come out ready. Jagadih asks where are they going. Arjun informs that Kashvi is going to hoist independence day flag at Nekpur village and he is also going there as his biogas plant project is at Nekpur, he will meet villagers and discuss about employing them. Monty insists to accompany them as he is feeling bored. Mahima and Mickey also insist. Kashvi agrees to take them along. Mahima recalls how he bribed Monty to convince Kashvi to take them along. Village financiers discuss with mukhiya that they shouldn’t let biogas project in their village or else villagers will get a job and become financially sound and they will lose their hold on villagers. Sarpanch agrees. Pradyuman walks in and says he can help them as Kashvi gave project to her husband instead of him. He explains his plan how to not let the project start and shakes hand with sarpanch.

Kashvi and Arjun get into car. Mahima sits beside Arjun and asks Mickey to sit in a front seat with Monty. Arjun gets busy correcting Kashvi’s hair and praising her intelligence. Mahima opens window and waves her hair over Arjun to lure him. Arjun asks her to close the window or tie her hair. She closes window angrily. When the car hits a road bump, she keeps her hand on Arjun’s thigh and smiles at him.

Mob protests against the project.
Village head asks Kashvi to leave the place with her family as their lives are in danger. Kashvi gets into car. Someone places bomb on her car. Arjun runs towards her. Mahima falls down and calls Arjun for help. Arjun thinks if he shall save Kashvi or Mahima.

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