Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th June 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th June 2024 Written Update by MA

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The lawyer asks Kashvi to come. The court case begins. Kashvi’s Lawyer tells the Judge that Kashvi’s son was stolen from her when he was born and when she came to know about this, she searched him a lot and found that he was stolen by her sister Mahima, due to her strange love story with Kashvi’s husband Arjun. He asks Judge to punish Mahima and give boy’s custody to Kashvi. Mahima’s lawyer tells that whatever Mahima has done, was done as she was helpless and is apologetic for it and is ready to bear the punishment. He says but don’t separate Mahima from that boy, as she has raised him for 6 years and she has the feeling of connection with the boy which Kashvi doesn’t have. Kashvi’s lawyer says Arjun and Mahima have file the divorce case. Mahima’s lawyer says they have taken back the divorce file and tells that they will together raise Karun. He asks Kashvi if she can give a good upbringing to Karun, being a successful Civil officer and a single mother. Kashvi says why this question is not asked to Arjun, and says I am a working woman and can take care of my son. She says she will not raise her son as a single mother, and tells that she is marrying her fiance Aditya after 5 days, and he is the one who saved Karun, and Arjun had pushed Karun in that danger. She says Karun loves Aditya very much, and that’s why Aditya and I are going to marry. She says Karun gets fits seeing Arjun and I want to save my son safe, and Adi and I will take care of Karun and will keep him safe. She says she just wants her son safe and nothing else. Judge tells that he wants more time to decide, as the matter is about an innocent child. He says next case hearing will be after 3 days and the verdict will be given.

They all leave the courtroom. Arjun tells Kashvi that he wants to talk to her. Aditya stops him. Arjun asks him not to dare stop him, as he wants to his son’s mother. Kashvi says its ok Adi. Arjun asks Kashvi, why you are marrying Aditya. She says the marriage will be 100 percent real and you will get the invite. He asks her not to take decision in a hurry. Kashvi says you have come here hand in hand with the woman who has done wrong with us, and kept me away from my son.

She says you have cancelled your divorce, then how can you judge me? Arjun says I have done this for my son. Kashvi says even I have done this for my son. Arjun confronts her for sharing the bed with Aditya without any feelings and says I hate you, all my body parts, my soul hate you, and I hate myself for loving such woman. He says I will not let you snatch my son, and says I will get back my son, and says my son don’t need a mother who is clever and does clever conspiracy. Kashvi says I will not lose my son and will get him back. She goes. Mahima asks Arjun if he is fine. Arjun says yes, and asks her to drive the car.

Sushma looks at Aditya and her photo and says she is unwell and wants to meet him. She says she wanted to talk to him and meet him, but couldn’t get any answer from him. She hopes that he stays happy always. Nitya is shifted to Sushma’s lock up and the lady constable says she will stay here now.

Jagdish gets shocked to know that Arjun cancelled the divorce filing. He asks why? Arjun tells that Mahima’s lawyer made him understand that he will lose if he divorces Mahima and files for Karun’s custody. Mahima tells Jagdish that Kashvi is keeping your grand son away from you. Jagdish asks her not to talk between him and his son. He tells Arjun that he loves Kashvi and she loves him. Arjun says it is past, and tells that she is marrying Aditya after 5 days, and says Karun will call me Dad only.

Kashvi hugs Dadi. Dadi says I always used to tell you that nobody could be better life partner than Aditya for you, but I found that you love just Arjun and today I am saying don’t marry Aditya, you will never be happy. Kashvi says Karun feels comfortable and safe with Aditya, it is about his happiness. She says he gets fits seeing Arjun, and says as a single mother, she will not get the custody and that’s whyshe has taken this decision to marry Aditya. Dadi says you might win Karun’s custody, but you will never be happy without Arjun.

Nitya hears Sushma talking in sleep. She checks her and finds that she is having a fever. She calls Jailer and tells her that the lady is having fever. Jailer says she will call the doctor.

Kamal feels pain in her injury and thinks he has to go to hospital. He knocks on the basement secret door and cries. Nitya hears Sushma saying this has happened due to Aditya’s wife Kashvi. She asks how you know Kashvi? Doctor and jailer take her from there. Nitya thinks if she was talking the same Kashvi, I know. Kashvi hears the sound coming from the storeroom and comes there. Kamal knocks on the door.

Precap: Karun asks Kashvi if she is marrying Aditya, if he will become his Dad. Aditya smiles. Nitya tells Arjun that Aditya Arora is a big criminal and asks him to find proof against him. She says Kashvi is not safe with him. Kashvi tells Romila that she has to get laptop from her house. Arjun sees Kamal in the basement and takes him out. Kashvi comes there.

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