Jhanak 25th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 25th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arshi sitting for her mehendi. Rumi and Bipasha ask Jhanak to apply mehendi to Arshi. Arshi says yes, I want to see how beautiful design she applies to me. She asks Anirudh to say. Jhanak says I will try my best. Anirudh says yes, she will apply mehendi to your feet. Lal says Anirudh knows how to treat a maid, its an insult to Jhanak. Jhanak applies mehendi to Arshi’s feet. Arshi says Jhanak will apply mehendi on my hand too, I liked the design. Jhanak asks her to see Anirudh once, he will see her and she should look good to him, it will happen what he wants. Arshi says you apply it first and then we will ask him. She asks Jhanak to dance. Jhanak says no, your friends are professional dancers, let them dance today, I will just apply the mehendi today, it will be good. Anirudh thinks a new game will start, I will insult you now, I didn’t forget the last night, you will know how much I love Arshi. He goes to Arshi and hugs her. Janak hugs on. Everyone smiles and teases her. Anirudh says I have a right on Arshi. Shrishti comes and sees the mehendi. She says Jhanak, you apply mehendi well, you should have worked in a parlor, instead of becoming a dancer, apply mehendi to me also. Jhanak says sure. Shrishti says beautician will come to make Arshi ready, you also stay there. Jhanak says sure, I will make her ready well, her husband won’t get his eyes off her. Choton comes to Mrinalini and gives the books. She says meeting is going on, you should wait outside. He says I have come for your work. She says whatever the reason, you should come later. She ends the meeting.

He says I have much work, I have to go to Anirudh’s wedding function, I have to give him a gift. They argue. Arshi asks Anirudh what was he saying. He says yes, everyone is pulling my leg. Bipasha says you both started again. He says no, we were fixing honeymoon date. Bipasha says what’s there to hide. They have a talk and laugh. Arshi says I have an imp program. Anirudh says there can’t be any program for a month, all your appointments are mine. Jhanak turns away.

Choton says its your personal books, will you put this in school account. She says its for school library. He says your dad is so polite and you are so rude, whenever I come here, I get upset. He says mum and Anjana invited you in all the wedding functions. She says yes, I m sitting free like you. He says my dad and mum invited you, I will tell them what you said. She says I told that to you, not them. He says you told that to them, there is a big tragedy in my life, my mum picked me from the road, so they make me do the work. He thinks I heard them discussing that they will get me married to Mrinalini, I will brainwash her. Shrishti says Arshi has an imp program. Anirudh says but honeymoon is more imp. Jhanak says its done. Anirudh takes Arshi for dance. Choton says they want to get free from me. Mrinalini says your family aren’t bad. He asks why will I lie to you, why am I sharing this with you, I didn’t get married, I have nothing, who would like to marry me. She says I don’t want to hear your sad story. He says let it be, can you give me my money.

Anirudh and Arshi dance on Mehendi lagake rakhna…. Shrishti thinks Anirudh looks happy with Arshi. Jhanak gets sad and thinks you are happy because I told that to you. She thinks of him. Mrinalini gives the money to Choton. He says thanks, I needed money, are you coming tomorrow. She says I will think. He says fine, I will go, shall I ask you something, why didn’t you get married, you are from a good family, pretty, educated, maybe you didn’t marry because of short temper. She asks what, you have no manners. He says yes, I m not educated, I m alerting you. She asks why. He says nothing, we will meet tomorrow. He goes.

Shubh says Arshi, I called you here for a special reason. Arshi asks what’s the matter. Shubh says it’s a solution of our problems. Lal says tell us about it. Shubh says I wanted this document signed before the function. Arshi says you should talk to Ani. Tanuja asks will he have a problem. Arshi says no, he should be present. Shubh says right. He asks Lal to call Anirudh. Lal goes. Shubh says I don’t want Jhanak to do any drama or keep any demand. Arshi says its fine if she demands money, but she is clever, she wants to become great, she can ask for everything. Tanuja asks what do you mean. Bipasha says she wanted Anirudh. Lal says they want to discuss something. Anirudh says I m ready to pay for marriage expenses, dad didn’t agree. Lal says no, just come. Jhanak thinks I have to give dinner to uncle on time. She thinks why am I feeling bad when Anirudh is loving Arshi.

Shrishti asks Jhanak to sign the papers, its to annul the marriage. Shubh asks Anirudh to sign. Jhanak sees Anirudh.

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