Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Arjun to sit and have food. Arjun says he can’t stay to have food and says as Aditya has changed his game plan, I have to change my plan. Someone hears them. Arjun leaves. He comes to the house and asks everyone to pack their bags, and says we have to shift from here. Micky asks if there is any problem. Arjun says Aditya is trying all means to find out about you all and says we have to shift before he finds out. They all pack their bags. Romila asks where we will go? Arjun says the place is really good. He takes them to farm house and says this luxurious farmhouse will be your house for few days, and says it is build recently so not many people know about it. Romila says I can stay here for forever. Arjun says I can’t say and tells that you can stay here for few days atleast. Aditya is standing outside and thinks I was right about Dadi. He says thank god, I followed her and reached here following Arjun. He says I am the mastermind and will be two steps ahead of you, and will kill all the family right here, and will put all the blame on Arjun. He says Arjun…you are gone.

Nitya comes to the house and asks Servant where is everyone? Servant says Arjun took all of them in the night itself. Nitya calls Arjun and asks why you took all Sabarwal family from here. Arjun asks her to relax and tells about Aditya hiring the hacker who can trace the location, and that’s why he brought them to the farmhouse. He asks her to come there. Nitya says I will come there by evening, to meet them. She asks him to be careful. He asks her not to worry and says we will be careful. She thinks I will not let Aditya win over my son.

Aditya brings the goons there, and asks them to blast the farmhouse. He says very soon it will become crematorium ground. He says you have to place the mines all around the farm house and says you have 4 hours to finish the work. The goon says nobody will be saved. Aditya says I want everyone to die, and thinks he has to make sure that Arjun is not here when the blast happens, and then only he will get accused.

Kashvi waits for the kidnapper’s call to come. Arjun calls her from PCO and asks her to reach to some place. Kashvi apologizes to him and says she will come alone. Aditya thinks I told that Arjun is the kidnapper, but she didn’t listen. He says now the foolish Arjun is making my work easy. Arjun asks her not to show smartness else he will kill the family. He asks her to ask her fiance not to show cleverness. He says you shall bring Gulab Jamun. Kashvi asks if you will eat. Arjun says bring any sweets and says you want to increase the call time, to get the call traced, and asks if we shall talk romantic things. Kashvi ends the call. Arjun thinks you can’t find out. The officer says the number is of the the public booth. Kashvi says this kidnapper is very clever, and tells that he is two steps ahead of us.

Arjun tells everyone that Aditya can’t trace the call. Nitya says she will go. Arjun says it is late night and tells that he is sleeping here, and asks her to sleep here, as it is late night. The goons tell Aditya that they shall start the mining. Aditya says one work needs to be done. He calls Arjun and asks him to bring Sailesh’s file as he needs it for some other work. Arjun says he was about to sleep now. Aditya says we are civil officers and have to work 24/7. Arjun says ok, I will give the file. Aditya is sitting in the temple and sees Arjun leaving in the car. He asks the goons to start the work fast and says this farmhouse will blast so that the Diwali crackers will feel shy. The goons starts placing and fixing the mines in the land. Aditya is standing outside and thinks they are doing foolishness. The goon asks other goon to be careful.

The other goon says we have to place other mines also. Aditya asks them to hide, hearing someone coming. Nitya looks outside and thinks some construction work vehicle must be going. She goes back to sleep. Aditya warns the goons and threatens to blast them if they don’t do the work properly. Arjun reaches Aditya’s office and calls him. Aditya says he came out for some work and will be there in 1 hour, and asks him to wait for him, as he wants to discuss the case with him, as it is a dynamite case. Arjun sits on the chair and waits for Aditya. Aditya gives money to the goons and says whoever keeps the first step, the person will die and all the mines will blast. He says Sabarwal family will be badly killed and Arjun will be over fully. He thinks to go to office and send Arjun there. He comes there and finds Arjun sleeping. He thinks to make him more comfortable and switches on the AC. He thinks after the blast, he will get rotten in the jail all life. He goes. Kashvi asks the Peon to come to Aditya’s cabin with Kamal’s file. She comes there and finds Arjun sleeping. She thinks if everything is fine and looks at him emotionally. She sees Micky’s call on his mobile and gets shocked.

Precap: Nitya comes out of farmhouse and thinks why the lawn is looking different. She finds the land mines. Kashvi comes there. Aditya comes to his cabin and thinks where did Arjun go? Arjun comes behind Kashvi. Peon informs Aditya that Arjun left and was saying that Kashvi found everything. Kashvi walks inside and asks Nitya why did she support her son in this big lie. Nitya asks her to stay and tells that she has stepped on the landmine. Kashvi and Arjun get shocked.

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