Jhanak 5th July 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 5th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tanuja saying Shrishti won’t sit quiet if anything happens. Anirudh says if anything happens to Arshi, then no one will sit quiet. Shubh says its an attempt to murder case. Jhanak hears them. Bipasha says Shrishti will think we are protecting Jhanak if we get involved, I m sure she has seen something. Tanuja says you don’t say anything in between. Shubh says they will think you are also involved, I m a lawyer, listen to me. Tanuja says if she really did this then she should get punished. Anirudh says if its proved then she will get punished. Lal says we don’t know when will Arshi get discharged, your marriage didn’t happen. Anirudh says marriage will happen when Arshi gets fine. Shubh says we have to refuse to the guests now, Jhanak couldn’t tolerate your marriage and so she burnt her sister in the mandap, everything is happening in your presence, you don’t understand. Anirudh says Shrishti said she has seen it, what shall I say now, police will investigate, we have to accept the judgement. Tanuja says yes, maybe Shrishti gets police home, don’t take Jhanak’s side, just think of Arshi, please. Shubh says Arshi was so happy, Jhanak ended everything, Arshi’s feet burnt, she is a dancer, Jhanak had attacked her personal and professional life, Arshi is in shock, we are also in shock. Jhanak cries and goes. Anirudh worries. Jhanak comes to his room. She asks how is Arshi. He says she isn’t well, I m asking you not to come to my room, if anyone sees you then it will be a big scene. She asks do you think the same. He says Shrishti has seen you, she is informing the police, what I think doesn’t matter, I m confused. She says it means you also doubt me. He says everyone doubts you here.

She says I m thinking to leave from here, as I had to leave after marriage. He says marriage didn’t happen yet, Shrishti is informing the police, stay here and face everything if you didn’t do anything wrong. She asks what did doctor say about Arshi, I want to help her if she needs blood. He says its not needed, her parents will decide it. She says I wanted to help, she is serious, I can’t ask anyone, tell me about her. He says yes, she is serious, she is a dancer, if her legs get damaged then she can’t dance all her life, she got conscious, she was in shock, I tried to talk, she turned away, we will see what happens, her surgery will happen, doctor said she can’t get discharged before 15 days. She says I wanted to know about Arshi so I have come here. He says if police gets involved, then no one can stop Shrishti. She says she should do whatever she wants, if police proves me a criminal then I accept the punishment I get. He says there is no option to refuse the punishment. She says if I had someone with me, then he would have fought the world and said I didn’t do anything, I regret, I have no one in this world, I will be called a criminal if its proved, but this should have not happened with Arshi, I m feeling bad. He asks her to go to her room. She says right, I will pray that Arshi gets fine, don’t worry. He says I have come from hospital, I spoke to doctor, don’t console me, Arshi won’t recover soon. She apologizes and leaves.

He thinks I can’t imagine you can hurt anyone, maybe it was just an accident and Shrishti wants to make it something else. Jhanak thinks I m getting blamed, I want the police to investigate. Anirudh asks did you do this Jhanak, maybe you didn’t want this marriage to happen, no, I feel bad, I will pray that you are proved innocent. Its morning, Shubh speaks to someone on call and tells about Arshi’s condition. He says sorry, I called you to inform so that your time doesn’t get waste. Bipasha says its an awkward situation. He says we have no option. He calls another relative. Shrishti calls Tanuja and asks is Anirudh at home. Tanuja says he went to the hospital. Shrishti says I m coming to your house, is Jhanak there. Tanuja says yes, are you on the way. Shrishti says yes, I m not coming alone. Tanuja says I understood it. Shrishti says don’t let Jhanak go anywhere. Tanuja says don’t worry, we are keeping an eye on her, we lost our respect, Shubh is calling everyone and refusing them. Shrishti says I will not leave Jhanak, I don’t care if Anirudh gets hurt and refuses to marry Arshi. Tanuja says no. Shrishti says we will cancel if anything, Arshi won’t keep any relation with Anirudh. Tanuja says you know Anirudh loves Arshi a lot. Shrishti says Arshi is still in shock, I know her, what she is thinking, I m coming, no need to tell anyone. Tanuja says you come, we are waiting. She ends call and says Shrishti is coming, she has some imp work. Lal says yes, she said she will file a police complaint. Tanuja says yes, where is Jhanak

. Bipasha says I don’t know, she didn’t come to do any work, she is hiding her face in the room. Shubh says I m tired to call everyone and explain them.

Tanuja says Shrishti is coming, and she isn’t alone. Appu comes shouting. She asks where is Anjana. She says I was in balcony, I saw police coming inside our house, why did they come, who will they take, I didn’t do anything. Bipasha says be silent, else police will take you. Shrishti comes with the police. She says I got senior officers with me, where is Jhanak. Appu asks why, did police come to take her, Jhanak didn’t do anything wrong, they are framing her, trust me. Shrishti asks her to shut up. Jhanak is sleeping. She thinks of Arshi and prays for her. Bipasha wakes her up. Jhanak says I will get fresh and come. Bipasha says no need, you ruined the wedding, come with me, guests have come to meet you. Anjana and everyone come. Appu says I didn’t do anything, I won’t go with them, they are saying they will take Jhanak.

Shubh asks Bablu to take Appu to her room. Bablu and Anjana ask Appu to stay quiet. Appu asks will they take Jhanak. Anjana says no, they just came to talk to her. Bipasha asks Jhanak to accept the truth. Jhanak says I don’t lie. Bipasha says you lie to us, don’t lie to the police, its your choice.

Inspector tells Jhanak about the case. Bipasha blames Jhanak. Shrishti asks him to get justice for Arshi. Jhanak says it was an accident. Inspector says it’s a lie. He arrests Jhanak. Appu cries. Jhanak says I will get punished if its written in my fate.

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