Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Mahima if her mind is at her place, as she is speaking about Arjun’s condition so carelessly infront of Karun. Mahima says I didn’t see and says sorry. She gets her friend Paro’s call who tells that she has slipped in the bathroom. She says I will come, but then says she can’t go. Mahima asks Dadi to go and says she will be with Karun. Dadi asks her to take care and goes. Mahima comes to Karun. Karun asks what did she say about Dad? Mahima tells that Arjun is injured and is in hospital, and told that he wants to meet you and he fainted. Karun says he was saying something else that time. She asks if you want to meet your Dad. Karun says yes and asks if they can go now itself. Mahima says why not, and says she will take him there. She takes him to the City hospital. Karun says I want to meet Dad. Mahima says kids are not allowed and asks him to wait in the waiting area and says she will go and come. Karun sits there, and hears Kashvi telling Nitya that she will not let Karun meet Arjun, and it is easy to fool the kids, and I did that.

She says I heard voice artiste who talked in Arjun’s voice with Kamal, and when Karun heard his voice, he started hating Arjun. Nitya asks why you are doing this, Arjun took bullet on himself for you. Kashvi says I wanted him to be jailed and want him to be away from Karun and me, and says I will do anything to keep Karun with me. Arjun thinks Mamma is so selfish, she made me hate Dad, I want to meet Dad. It shows thet Mamma has worn Kashvi’s face mask and has fooled Karun along with Nitya. Karun runs to meet Arjun, but Nurse stops him. Kashvi comes there and asks what happened? Karun says I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to see your face. Kashvi asks what is the matter? Nitya comes there. Karun runs to her and says he wants to stay with her. Nitya says we will meet in the court tomorrow.

At the family court, The judge tells that he wants to know Karun’s decision. Nitya brings Karun there. Judge asks him, with whom he wants to stay with. Karun asks what is divorce? The Judge explains about the divorce. Karun asks if he can take divorce from his Mother, and he don’t want to stay with her, and don’t love her now. Kashvi asks what you are saying and asks why you are talking like this. Judge asks her to let him speak. Karun says she is not my good mother, and says my Mamma tried to separate me from my dad and she was successful as I started hating him. He says he came to know about her plan and that’s why he don’t want to stay with her. Judge asks with whom, he wants to stay? Karun says Dad.

Dadi and Kashvi come behind Kashvi outside the court. Kashvi asks Karun, why did you tell that I lied to you, and provoked you. Karun says I hate you. Dadi says she is your mother and asks him to say what happened. Kashvi’s lawyer comes out and asks her to say. Judge tells that the boy must have said this as he is a minor. Mahima’s lawyer tells that she is unfit mother and a criminal too, and she has killed Aditya. He shows the pendrive. Kashvi says I didn’t kill Aditya. Mahima’s lawyer gives the pendrive, in which it is shown that she has shot at Aditya. Nitya recalls and a fb is shown, in which she asks Mahima to wear Kashvi’s face mask and then a video will be shot in which she is seen shooting Aditya. Mahima says it is a good plan. Nitya says Kashvi will be punished for Aditya’s murder. fb ends. Mahima’s lawyer tells Kashvi has killed Aditya. Kashvi stands shocked. Kashvi’s lawyer tells that Aditya was a devil and had kidnapped Karun. Judge says she can’t take law in her hands, she should have reported aditya’s crime and shouldn’t have killed her. He suspends her and says she will be jailed from now. He says she is a unfit mother and that’s why the boy’s custody is given to the boy’s father. She is arrested and taken away from there.

In the hospital, Arjun gains consciousness, and asks Nitya where was he? Nitya says we were so worried and says someone is coming to surprise you. Karun comes there. Nitya says Karun will stay with us, as we have won Karun’s custody case. Arjun asks but what? He asks Karun, why he had not chosen Kashvi Mamma? Karun says I hate her, she lied to you and you know…and tells whatever he heard (nitya and mahima’s conversation). He says she has provoked me and even me. Arjun says Kashvi can’t do this, I will talk to her. Nitya asks him to spend time with Karun, and asks him to sit with his Papa. Arjun gets emotional to take Karun. Nitya goes out. Arjun hugs Karun and thinks where is Kashvi, why she didn’t come to meet me. He thinks to ask Kashvi.

Raunaq Sir tells Arjun that Kashvi is jailed for Aditya’s murder, ands says Judge saw the video in which Kashvi has shot Aditya. Arjun says which recording and says Kashvi didn’t kill Aditya. Raunaq Sir says she will be transferred to jail today. Arjun breaks down and cries. He says why our chahatein is left incomplete.

After six months, the Police asks the terrorist to leave the hostages. The terrorist says he wants 50 crore. The guy says I will go inside and wants bullet proof jacket. Kashvi comes there and says I will go inside.

Precap: Kashvi goes inside and thinks how to save the hostages, as there are many terrorists here. Karun’s teacher tells him that they will suspend Karun if he doesn’t change. Karun says he doesn’t have a mother and he is learning himself. Arjun feels that Karun needs his mother. Kashvi saves the hostages, but she falls down injured after the bomb blasts.

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