Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th November 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th November 2023 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th November 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ruhi saying you have impressed the family, its almost like they have adopted you, sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt you. Armaan says its not your mistake, when wound is old, even a medicine hurts. Ruhi recalls Aarohi’s death. She says especially when its related to parents since our childhood, we learn to ignore it, but it never heals, I don’t know what’s your pain, I wish you heal it someday. He says I also wish the same for you. She says this pain is a permanent resident of the heart, there is a chance of magic happening now. She smiles. He says we have something between us, right. She says yes. He holds her hand. They smile. They see some smoke. Everyone coughs. Abhira and Akshu say smoke got filled here. Akshu says we have to take them out of here. She sees Manish getting unwell and runs to him. Vidya shouts Armaan. Armaan takes Dadi with him. Akshu helps them evacuate the place. She covers her face and comes to take Manish. He recalls Akshu. Ruhi sees Akshu and recalls her. She says its her, no, not possible, she has come back, I can never forget those eyes. Akshu goes. Ruhi bumps into Vidya. She talks to her. Vidya asks about her parents. Ruhi says they passed away in my childhood. Vidya says sorry, God tests the one who he gives courage, you are strong, bless you.

Its morning, Akshu sits worried. Yuvraj bangs the door. She gets scared and goes to check the door. Yuvraj greets her. He enters the house and gets seated. He says I m Yuvraj Jagrat Choudhary, I have made my new identity, I m your would be son-in-law. She gets shocked. Abhira comes. He says aunty looks shocked, you didn’t tell aunty about me. He asks Akshu to just send her daughter with two pair of clothes, he will handle everything. He asks Pandit to match the Kundlis. He gives Abhira’s birth certificate. Akshu asks how did you get it. He says I m very resourceful. Pandit says mahurat is after one week. Yuvraj says good, have sweets. Akshu says I had warned you in the court too. Abhira scolds Yuvraj and asks him to leave.

He starts laughing and says we have passion between us, she is young, you have seen the world and know the consequences of the little mistakes. Akshu warns him of jail. She says get out of my house right now. He says do anything, I will marry Abhira. She says no means no, even big idiots understand this. He touches her feet and says I know to change no into yes, I will see you soon, Sasumaa. Abhira gets scared and holds Akshu’s hand. Yuvraj smiles and leaves. Akshu shuts the door.

Vidya asks the man about the ghee and spices brand. He says its of good quality. They talk about Abhira. Yuvraj comes there and sees Sanjay. He says you have come to Mussoorie with family and didn’t even tell me. He greets everyone. Sanjay says he is MLA Jagrat’s son Yuvraj, I handle his cases. He introduces Armaan to Yuvraj. They talk about sports. Armaan says nice meeting you.

Akshu scolds Abhira. Abhira says sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you. Akshu says I m your mum and lawyer also, you could have told me. She hugs Abhira. Akshu says this guy is a spoilt brat, his dad isn’t like that, I will talk to his dad, he will stop him. Armaan and the young gang come to the river point. They all argue. Armaan gives them coins and asks them to make wishes. He says I don’t believe in all this. Ruhi comes and asks why. He is surprised. Ruhi asks him to think of some wish. She makes a wish. They get a call from Vidya and leave to meet Dadi. Ruhi throws the coin in the river. She asks where did they go. Armaan says they don’t know where they want to go. Ruhi says you are getting close to that family. He says even you were talking to Vidya. He thinks I can’t hide that this is my family. Vidya says I liked that girl, her family is also good, Ruhi is good-looking and also has good nature. Dadi says I wanted such a girl for Rohit. Vidya says I was talking about Armaan. Dadi says talk to the girl’s family about the alliance. Armaan says Ruhi, I wanted to tell you something. Ruhi asks him to say. She stumbles and falls into his arms. She thanks him. She asks will you come to meet me. He says yes, I will come to meet you even if you stay on the moon. She asks promise. He says promise. She gets Manish’s call and goes.

Abhira is shocked seeing Yuvraj’s proposal. Armaan gets Ruhi’s number. Yuvraj says Abhira, you should give me a return gift. Abhira slaps him.

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