Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manjiri saying you asked Abhir to go, two kids fight on 100 things, it doesn’t mean that we make one leave the house, why don’t you understand our pain, you are his Maasi, how did you tell him that if he goes to Abhi then Ruhi won’t talk to him, you are hurt that Akshu came, think of Abhi, he got his son after a long time, you have no right to make his son away. Aarohi says I understood, our relations are just namesake, if you regarded me a daughter, then you would have not turned away, you all have become of Abhir, he has paused our lives, you forgot Ruhi and me, you can see Abhir’s joy, not Ruhi’s sorrow.

She says I explained Abhir that Ruhi is upset, when Abhir learns this, his heart will break, everyone’s heart will break, I m silent since Gangaur, I wanted to send Akshu and Abhinav to US, Abhi didn’t let it happen, I m silent till now. Manjiri says you knew about it already that Abhir is my grandson and Abhi is his dad. Abhi and everyone come. Abhi asks what happened. Manjiri says you knew Abhir’s truth and hid it from us. Abhi sees Aarohi. Neela asks how did this happen. Surekha says she has consumed wine. Abhinav says I won’t hear anything against her. She says you have seen how Kairav got her home. Kairav says she didn’t drink wine intentionally, she came to give me office files, some cheap girls made her drink, I didn’t call her there. Manish says we have her responsibility on us. Muskaan says don’t scold him, he saved us. Surekha asks why did you worry for him and go to give files. Muskaan says because we love each other. Kairav asks what, I don’t like you, did I say it ever, I scold you mostly. She says you made the guy’s family leave, you told that girl I like her, I heard it, you said that gift is special, when I had written everything. Abhinav asks why are you lying. Akshu says calm down, its not their mistake. Kairav says I told that girl to avoid her, I didn’t want to date her, I made that guy away because he was genuinely bad, and I told about Neela’s gift, I told you, I don’t believe in relations and love, sorry, I have no feelings for you. Muskaan cries and goes. Manjiri says you couldn’t become my daughter. Abhi says you cheated… Aarohi says you cheated Ruhi, you promised me, you will become her dad, did I come to you after Neil’s death and asked you to become her dad, no, you came yourself, mum wanted us to get married, you said it’s the best for us.

She says I wanted to tell you. Abhi says you couldn’t face me and ran away. She says I was scared, a child is a mum’s biggest strength and biggest fear. She says your love passion has no limit, it wasn’t there at Akshu’s time and now at Abhir’s time, Manjiri didn’t stop Abhi and didn’t see Ruhi’s sorrow. She argues with Abhi. She says sorry but I m not sorry for what I did. She cries. She says you are doing wrong and you are being selfish to bring Abhir home, he can never adjust here or at his home, I love him, he is my sister’s son, but I can’t see my daughter sad, I wanted to send him to US. Abhi says he is my son. She says he would have been happy there, now no one will stay happy, Abhir can’t accept this family and I can’t accept him, I really wish you never get his custody, he stays happy with Akshu and Abhinav, he never comes here. Manjiri scolds her. Aarohi says Akshu and I want our kids’ happiness. Manjiri says I also want Abhir’s happiness. Aarohi says no, you have to claim him, his happiness is with Akshu, he will never be happy here. Abhi worries. Manjiri says Abhir is coming here, its his house, none can change this fact, its your wish to accept this or not. Aarohi says I understood when you have cleared it easily, Ruhi and I will leave this house. Manjiri says no. Aarohi says you stay happy with Abhir, I can do anything for her, Akshu is fighting for her son’s happiness, I m fighting for my daughter’s happiness. She goes.

Akshu asks do you have time to talk to me. Abhinav says I m trying to earn money fir my son. She says you are trying to get equal to Abhi. She sings the aarti… She speaks to the lawyer. Abhi says I don’t want to make any personal attack.

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