Faltu 16th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 16th May 2023 Written Update by Amena

Faltu 16th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu asking do you have a problem here, I told you, I have no problem. Goon asks her to give the file. She says chill, its good weather. The police van comes. The goons run. Janardhan says its good you have come, I have called you. Inspector asks who were they. Faltu says we will see later, we have to go to court now. Janardhan asks her did the files reach Ayaan. Faltu says no, I had hid the files at a temple outside the court.

Tanu hugs Ayaan and asks how did you get hurt. Ayaan says don’t do this drama, Faltu will be here with the proof. She says she said the proof reached the court, she is a liar. They argue. Faltu, Janardhan and Suhana come. Ayaan hugs Janardhan and cries. Ayaan defends himself in the court.

Ayaan says Faltu will get the proof. Tanu’s lawyer accuses him for wasting the court’s time. Faltu comes crying and says the file isn’t there. Ayaan is shocked. Savita makes much food dishes. Dadi says Ayaan is coming back, not the entire central jail. Savita gets excited. Kumkum calls Janardhan. She says the hearing isn’t done till now. Savita waits for Ayaan. Faltu says some goons have snatched the files from my friends. Ayaan asks what do you mean. She says forgive me, I made a big mistake.

Tanu smiles. Lawyer says his wife is saying she has no proof. Faltu recalls her friends telling about the goons. Ayaan says Tanu has done this. Lawyer says he is saying my client has stolen it. Ayaan says sorry, I want extra time to arrange evidence. Judge asks how can your wife be so careless, how can she hide it at a public place like a temple. Faltu says give me some time, I will get the proof. Ayaan says please. Judge says the case is adjourned. Faltu says sorry. Ayaan says I know you have kept the file case safe, you can’t lose courage, take care of the family. He is taken by the police. Kanika says you have performed well, judge gave another chance to Ayaan and disappointed, but well done. Tanu comes to Faltu and asks are you fine.

She says just leave from Ayaan’s life, I will never let you win, you are thinking how did I know about it. She tells that the driver informed her. She says you have seen to which extent I can go to save Ayaan. Faltu sits crying. Savita waits for Ayaan. She makes an aarti plate ready and stands at the door. Tanu, Sid and Kanika come. Tanu hugs Savita and says Faltu proved she is useless, she couldn’t keep a file safe. Savita says I have no time for your useless talks, I will talk to Faltu. Faltu, Janardhan and Suhana come. Savita asks about Ayaan. Faltu cries. Tanu says tell them you have made a big mistake. Savita says you had all the evidences of his innocence, what nonsense is Tanu saying. Dadi asks where is Ayaan, what happened. Faltu says he didn’t come. Savita drops the aarti plate. Faltu tells everything and apologizes.

Faltu prays. Everyone supports her. Tanu says I have decided to throw you all out of this house, this house will get auctioned now.

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