Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th February 2021 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th February 2021 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th February 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kairav saying mumma has come. Gayu says Naira looks so pretty. Kartik gets angry and stops Kairav. He says no. Rohan says everything is going fine, Sirat will just come. Nani says she looks lovely in the pic, show me her smiling face once. Kartik goes to Sirat and holds her hand. He drags her away and asks why did you come here, why are you following me, its Naira and my anniversary today, why did you come in between. She says I didn’t know, club staff was mistaken and sent me here. He asks did you wear this gown by mistake. She recalls Rohan’s words. He says you know this belongs to my Naira, how dare you wear this.

Kairav says why is Papa getting angry on her. Kartik scolds Sirat. He says I convinced the family to celebrate anniversary without Naira, I thought to explain my kids that Naira is no more, we have to learn to live without her, you came and ruined everything, why are you after Kairav, he spoiled your match, are you taking revenge. She asks why would I do this. He asks are you taking advantage of your face or have any other agenda, look at them, they didn’t come for you, they came here for Naira, they got disturbed because of you, you know Gayu, she is Naira’s sister, she waits for Naira to apologize to her. He tells about his family. He says Dadi went to ashram, because the house reminds her of Naira, the kids.. Naira is their Bua and Maasi, who are you to them, Naira left us, its been months, I m explaining the kids that Naira won’t come, how will I explain Kairav now when you come always. She says I didn’t know about the party, I thought he will understand that I m Sirat, not his mum. He says you told the same story yesterday and came again today, my kid will never believe that his mum isn’t alive, he will never believe me, he will wait for his mum all life, she won’t come back, he will be like this because of you, you have created a big trouble for him. She says sorry, its not my mistake, sorry for the kid’s sake. He asks what will happen if you say sorry, can you fix all this, why are you here, why don’t you go, its not your place or people. Everyone looks on.

Kartik says its Naira’s family, you are unwanted here, no one needs you, go from here, if anyone gets hurt because of you, then I won’t spare you. She shouts enough, you are just hitting punches, you don’t want to know if he opponent wants to fight or not. She says if your day was special, then my day was also special, which you ruined. She cries and runs away. Kairav shouts mumma. Kartik stops him and says Naira is your mumma, Sirat isn’t your mumma. He asks Gayu and everyone to know that Sirat isn’t Naira, she ruined our party and mood, she ruined everything, one who hurts us can’t be Naira. Kairav says she is my mumma. Kartik says no, believe me. Lav and Kush take Kairav. The family leaves.

Sirat angrily comes to Rohan and says you have lied to me, why, you said that these decorations and gown are for me. She throw the cake away. He worries. She cries and says this cake was for me, right. Rohan says club staff told you. Sirat says why would they do this for me, if my family didn’t do it, you knew the catch, right. He nods. She cries. Kartik and Sirat cry. Yahan wahan….plays… Rohan asks what happened. She says this wasn’t for me, it was for Naira, this gown, cake and decorations, that pic, family, everything was for Kartik, you know what Kartik had told me, this should have not happened with me, why is everyone after me.

Kartik and everyone come home. Kairav says Kartik didn’t listen to me, I m angry on him. Gayu says yes, its not right, Kartik will regret one day. Kairav says we won’t talk to him. Kartik asks him to listen. Kairav runs away. Sirat leaves from Udaipur and cries.

Sirat asks what’s my mistake that my face matches with Naira. Nani says he didn’t value you, he will regret a lot. Kairav faints. Kartik gets him to the hospital. Doctor says he is undergoing stress, he isn’t able to forget that girl who looks like his mum, can you call that girl here, she can really help.

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