Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd March 2023 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kairav saying I m really sorry, Akshu, I m a bad brother. She says don’t say sorry. He says I punished myself by staying upset with you. She says you have a right to get angry on me. He hugs her and says there is nothing imp to me than my sister. She cries. Abhinav thinks Kanha ji did amazing thing, I got my Akshara and she got her dream of getting Kairav fulfilled. He smiles. Ruhi says I told you not to remove the decorations, its mum and poppy’s engagement. She dances. Aarohi asks her to be careful. Abhi stays around and signs Aarohi. Manjiri says I m very happy, thanks Aarohi, I wanted to see you three as a family. She dances with Ruhi. Mahima asks Parth to calm down. She sees them and goes. Shefali says happiness came in our lives after long. Aarohi says yes, everything will be fine. Akshu does Kairav’s aarti and tika. She says I couldn’t tie the rakhi, I m tying this mauli now, don’t remove this. He gives her nek. He says its my love. She doesn’t take the money. He asks Abhir to accept Mamu’s love else he will become arrogant. Abhir says no one can take this. Kairav says don’t come between us. She says okay. Neela says give this to Muskaan and tell her that I have sent love for her. He says sure, you can come anytime to meet her, I will go now and remember Abhinav’s words. Abhinav says you can come anytime, its your house. Abhir asks why does he become arrogant when he is sweet. Abhinav jokes. Akshu and Abhir say Pjs are back. Akshu asks Kairav to come coming. Kairav says I will keep coming.

Ruhi says I want a nice dress, we are double happy. Manjiri says get anything you want. She prays. Akshu asks Abhir to go and do homework. Abhir says its puja tomorrow, it’s a holiday, no homework. Abhinav gets the things. He sends Abhir to do homework. Akshu asks did you get everything. He says yes, you know why Neela is keeping the puja, our marriage shouldn’t have any hurdles. She says we should do puja from heart. He says yes, wear your red saree. She says I will wear it if you like it. She goes. He smiles and asks am I dreaming. Abhir goes to his room and feels uneasy. Akshu says I will call him. Abhi sees Akshu’s call. He answers. Abhir says hello doc man, I want to talk an imp thing. Abhi asks are you fine, is everything fine. Abhir says yes, but I m not okay. Abhi asks what happened. Ruhi calls him out. Abhir asks are you listening. Abhir says don’t tell anyone, promise me. Abhi asks what happened to you. Abhir says I m finding difficulty in breathing. Abhi says give phone to your dad, I will ask him to take you to a doctor.

He asks are you feeling dizzy or like something is stuck in your throat. Abhir says I feel breathless. Abhi asks did you have cold water or icecream. Abhir says I didn’t do anything new. Abhi asks do you have stress. Abhir says studies. Abhi says its okay, I will show you an exercise, I m making a video call. Abhir asks him to talk in low voice. Abhi asks him to show his tongue and eyes. He says you look fit, do you feel sick. Abhir says no, Udaipur is down and Kasauli is on top, maybe altitude problem. Abhi says my internet doctor, listen to me, take a deep breath, hold and release, repeat this ten times, keep this finger on your nose and breath, you will feel relaxed.

Manjiri sees him and says who is he talking to. Akshu looks for her phone. She comes to Abhir. Manjiri says it’s a kid’s voice. Akshu comes to Abhir and asks who were you talking to. Abhir says patient. Manjiri says I heard a boy’s voice. Abhi says yes, he was in stress. Akshu sits talking to Abhir. She says don’t worry about studies. He says I was talking to Sumit. He thinks sorry to lie. She says my son and hugs him. He thinks I m sorry. He deletes the call log. Ruhi says its mum and poppy’s engagement tomorrow, aren’t you happy. Manish asks really. Aarohi says I know its on short notice, I m sure, Abhi is trying his best to change, I trust him, I want to move on for Ruhi’s sake. Manish says we are happy for you. She ends call and says they are happy. Ruhi says I gave them a good news. Suwarna blesses the daughters. Dadi says I knew it. Surekha taunts. Suwarna looks on. Surekha says we just want Aarohi’s happiness. Abhir argues and asks for pizza. Akshu says kings eat brinjal. Abhinav comes and puts on perfume. Abhir says king is coming. Abhinav says you would have not seen a handsome guy like me. Akshu says yes, but where are you going. Abhinav says I will not eat this brinjal. Akshu asks him to eat it, go and change clothes. He says we need a change, we will go and have pizza. Abhir says you are the best. Abhinav says we will have cake and icecream too. Abhir says I will go and change, sorry brinjal. Akshu says you are changing. Abhinav jokes. They laugh. He says I got you, I wonder if I m dreaming, I didn’t ask you for a date, I m zero in these things, will you come on a date. She says you thought of it for the first time in 6 years, I will come, I will change and come. He jokes.

Akshu shouts Abhir. They look for Abhir. A man scolds Akshu. Abhinav says I won’t tolerate anyone saying bad about my wife. Abhir feels unwell. Abhi says I know Abhir is okay.

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