Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th June 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhira saying you didn’t tell me about Ruhi, you said she is your best friend, you made fun of marriage and friendship also. Armaan says we didn’t do anything. She says yes, you got her married to Rohit for family’s happiness, rejected me and went to marry Ruhi, then you rejected Ruhi for my sake, what about me and Ruhi, how can you be so selfish. He says I just love you. She says we both are fools, you treated us as a doormat, we both got after you, now I understand why she used to fight with me, it wasn’t our mistake, it was your mistake, you have ruined us. She cries. She says I thought I m smart, well done, you showed me my place. Armaan holds her face and says listen to me, Ruhi wasn’t my love. Abhira says you will see this line to someone else. He says trust me. She says you never told the truth, you will love someone else now, I won’t listen to you. He says I was afraid to lose you. She says it got true, you have lost me. He says no, I can’t live without you, I want my Abhira. She says we don’t get what we want, thanks to you, you ended our story. He says Abhira… She says no, forget this name. She removes her name from the bench. She says good bye and leaves. He calls her and falls down. He shouts I love you Abhira…. He cries. Manisha, Manoj and kids dance happily.

Dadi comes and asks why are you dancing. Manisha says Armaan and Abhira’s misunderstanding got cleared, they will get together now. Dadi laughs and calls it a joke. She asks them to continue the dance. She goes. Abhira comes to a temple and asks is there unlimited offer on pain, you are just sending pain to me. She asks Matarani to answer. She says this has to change, I m adamant, I m my mumma’s daughter, Armaan and my path are different from today, I leave my love today. She leaves. She sees a guy proposing a girl. She walks over the roses. The guy stops her. Abhira says this guy will become a thorn in your life, what’s the guarantee. The guy says there is trust in love. Abhira says don’t get into this illusion, trust has to break. She goes. Armaan comes home and throws a glass. Everyone looks on. He angrily pushes the sofa and breaks a lamp. He continues to ruin the things. He says congrats Dadisa, you ruined me today, Abhira started trusting me, but you couldn’t tolerate it, you broke hearts and trust. Dadi taunts him. She says don’t blame me for your mistake, you broke the trust, I didn’t, you broke Ruhi, Abhira, Vidya and Rohit’s trust. Armaan says you are saying right, I was scared of losing Abhira, you ended my fear by ending our story, everything is over. He goes upstairs murmuring. Vidya runs to hold him. Abhira comes home and cries hugging Madhav. She says Arman lied to me, Armaan and Ruhi were in love before marriage. Madhav is shocked. He asks what, tell me everything.

Vidya consoles Armaan. He says I tried to make everything right, how did I make such a big mistake, I wish I told the truth to Abhira, but I got to know it too late, I just love Abhira, I never loved Ruhi, when I met Ruhi, I felt she is like me, it was infatuation, not love, I fought everyone for Abhira, we got divorced, I didn’t realize I love her. She cries. Abhira says I have sacrificed my happiness for Armaan, but he didn’t tell me the truth, Dadisa told me this truth.

Madhav says Maasa… She says she did right, its my turn to do right, its enough now, I won’t cry after Armaan. Vidya asks Armaan to have water. She says I thought your happiness is with Ruhi, so I spoke to Maasa, I can’t help you, I don’t like Abhira right for you, she is stubborn and esteemed, I feel she can’t come back to you.

Abhira says I hate love, my career is my motive, I will become a big lawyer and make my mumma proud. Madhav says but Armaan…. Armaan lies crying.

Armaan sees everyone dancing. Vidya stops Dadi and asks for Madhav. Armaan asks Madhav to come home for Vidya.

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