Anupamaa 25th June 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 25th June 2024 Written Update by MA

Anupamaa 25th June 2024 Written Episode

Baa waits for Anupama and says she went to get pastry for kids, or to open the shop. Anuj thinks if Anu and Shruti are together. Baa says I need sweets to take to temple, and I will get late and pujari will leave. Anuj asks what happened, shall I go and see anu? Baa says yes and tells the location. Anuj goes.

Anupama asks what are you saying, it is your heart misunderstanding and asks if you think you did right. Shruti says yes, I did right and says you was sticking to Anuj and was applying haldi to him, and blames her for snatching Anuj. Anupama says if I want to snatch then nobody can stop us, not even Aadhya’s hatred, you and all the world. She says I don’t need to act to get Anuj, but you will not understand this love, as the people living in well can’t understand the dept of sea. She says you think that I want to become Mrs. Anupama Anuj Kapadia, but if I wanted to then I would have become. Shruti says what that happened in haldi? Anupama says it was wrong, I love him very much, but didn’t forget that he is of someone else. Shruti says don’t know what you try with him when alone. She says congrats, go and tell Anuj and break my marriage, as you don’t need proofs as you have tied him with your pallu. Anupama asks if you don’t feel shame talking like this, if men don’t have their mind. Shruti says men are like this, get back with anyone. Anupama says that doesn’t mean that you know Anuj, and says if this was true then you would have tied him to your pallu. She says I never wanted to snatch him from you and always prayed for your togetherness and happiness. Anuj is coming there. Anupama says you don’t deserve my clarification and says even God will not forgive you for what you did. Shruti says AK and I are one and our marriage will happen. Anupama says marriage marriage all the time, and asks her to do marriage and not conspiracy. She says you have ruined spice and chutney’s staff too, and says I don’t like to come between you and Anuj, but I will do what I wanted to do. Anupama asks her to keep her tone low, and says whoever does such a cheap thing shall keep his tone low and says you don’t know what is going to happen with you. Anuj comes there and runs to help a lady, he doesn’t see Anupama and Shruti. Anupama and Shruti leave.

Anupama tells herself that Shruti is such a bad woman and thinks if Anuj and Aadhya do any mistake then she will take revenge from them too. She then tells herself that Shruti will not hurt them, she loves them and thinks what she shall do now.

Shruti sits in the car and thinks Anupama was acting to be great and says she will go and tell Anuj, if it happens then our marriage will called off. Shruti imagines seeing Anuj and Anupama together and Anupama telling him the truth. She shouts No and thinks to do something.

Anuj comes and says he didn’t see Anupama there. Baa says she has come. Anupama comes there. Baa asks if you brought the sweets. Anupama has left sweets there in the restaurant. Baa asks then where did you go? Kinjal asks Toshu to bring the sweets.

Anuj asks Anupama why is she crying and asks her to tell. Anupama recalls Shruti’s words. Anuj insists her to tell, but Anupama doesn’t tell him anything. Shruti comes there. Devika comes there and signs no to Kavya. The kids insists to play truth and dare game. Yashdeep and Beeji come there. Baa says it is good that you have come early. Anuj notices Anupama and Shruti. Aadhya rolls the bottle, and Babu ji’s turns come. Baa asks him, what he fears to lose? Babu ji says this house and family, I can’t lose. Next Vanraj’s turn comes and he chooses dare. Dimpy asks him to dance with Kavya, but Vanraj refuses saying he has pain in his leg. Next Titu comes there and says it is my turn. The kids insists to question him, then Dimpy, but Vanraj says he will question him and asks Titu to say such a truth which he lied from Dimpy. Anupama says why you are ruining the environment. Titu says I will tell truth to everyone which I wanted to tell. Vanraj thinks what did I do, if he tells then he will become great. Titu tells Dimpy and others that he had lied to them that he is alone and has no family. Ansh says you lied to us. Ishu says it is wrong. Toshu says why you lied to us. Vanraj thinks I didn’t have proofs, and thinks that I can break marriage using this. Titu then changes his words and says they are his family. Kavya and Baa says you scared us. Vanraj thinks when his turn comes then he will not let him clarify also.

Next Shruti’s turns comes. Anupama says I will question her if she chooses truth or dare. She asks her to choose? Shruti chooses truth. Anupama asks are you ready for my question?

Precap: Anupama tells Yashdeep that they shall think about their restaurant spice and chutney, they have to start it again for everyone who works there. Yashdeep asks if Shruti shall not be punished for whatever wrong she has done with you, you have to hear and bear so much humiliation, and says many people got ruined. Anupama says if I punish Shruti then my Choti and Anuj will be punished, which I don’t want. Anuj hears and gets shocked. He shouts Shruti. Shruti comes infront of him.

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