Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tara saying Naksh that she will accompany him. They leave from café. Naitik talks to Akshara on phone. He talks sweet and she laughs. He says he feels his wife returned from somewhere after a long time. He asks her to praise him. She asks what happened to him. He says I m not able to control my happiness, as my wife called me today. She asks will his romance end. He says never. She says she will wait for him, and finish her work. She will make their fav dishes, then they will dine well.

Naksh and Tara come to studio and find it strange place. Naksh looks for Naira and asks the photographers. He calls her out. Naira says Naksh has come and runs out. She hugs him and cries. Naksh asks what are you doing here. Naira says sorry, I was doing modelling, I did not know they are like this, they are not good people. The man says she is mistaken. Naira says they click bad pics and put on net. The man asks them to leave, Naira wasted time. Naksh and Tara beat them. The man says we paid the girls. Naira says sorry. Tara scolds all of them to be fools. She says once finish studies and use mind, they can do modeling later, your parents would have lost name. Naksh says this is not right time to scold them, they are scared. He asks them to change, he will drop them home.

Naitik makes pizzas ready and says Naira and Naksh did not come till now. He says Naksh is careless. Akshara says Naksh called me and said he picked her. Bhabhimaa says they would have gone out to eat in café. Naitik says we are waiting her. Naksh brings Naira home. They all get shocked seeing Naira crying and rush to her.

Naira runs from there. Akshara sees the nightie and is shocked. Naksh says I will tell everyone, promise me you all won’t doubt Naira. Naitik asks him to say what happened. Naksh tells them everything. Shaurya says we got permissions. Anshu says we have to work hard as we collaborated. Jasmeet says I cant’t believe we will have hotel in hong kong. Shaurya says we both have to stay there. Vishwamber says its fine, its matter of few days. Anshu says it can take a year too.

Everyone get shocked hearing about Naira. Akshara cries and says she lied to us. Naitik asks how did she get thought of modeling. Akshara says she did not tell me. Devyaani recalls Naira asking her about modeling. Naksh says I also did mistake when I was marrying in Goa, mumma stopped me, Naira is brave, she called me and told everything, she did not makes us ashamed, I ashamed you, you should praise her. I m proud of her, I don’t think she should be scolded.

Akshara goes to Naira. Naira apologizes. Akshara hugs her and says she is proud of her, as she stopped herself from doing bad thing, then she accepted it. Mishti sees the nightie and Karishma asks Girja to take Mishti. Naman says we should inform police. Karishma says yes, this is illegal activities. Naksh says yes, you are right, they should be punished.

Naira says dad will be angry. Akshara removes her makeup. Naira says I wanted to surprise you and make you proud, I know family loses name, Tara told me. Akshara asks was Tara there. Naira says yes, she came there with hockey. Akshara says we did not get insulted, Naira is not angry. Naira says I have hurt Papa, Tara told me you will be angry. Akshara says we are not angry, wash your face.

Naitik asks Naksh were Naira’s friends there, how did she think of modeling. Naksh says her friends were there but scared. Devyaani says Naira’s friend wanted to become model, she did makeup to Naira when you all went to Goa, Naira told me about modeling, but casually, I did not know this will happen. Bau ji says fine, but why did you not tell us, or explain Naira. Devyaani says I did not realize she is saying about her. Naitik asks how did Naira turn smart, you should have told us, if anything happened to her then…. Naksh calms Naitik. Naitik says thank Lord Naksh reached there, else anything would have happened. Devyaani apologizes to Naitik.

Varsha talks to Shaurya about his hong kong trip. He says he will have to go anytime and pacifies her. Jasmeet cries and asks Anshu how will she stay without him. He pacifies her. Shaurya asks Varsha not to think much, else she will be sad. Anshu says its matter of few months. Shaurya says Varsha you have family here and we will be alone there. Varsha asks him not to go. Anshu says it was our dream to open hotel abroad. He consoles Jasmeet.

Akshara takes food for Naira. Naitik asks is she not coming here. Akshara says it will look odd. Bau ji asks till when will Naira be here. Naman says she did not do anything that she can’t face us. Naitik says I will explain her, she is my princess, I will take pizza for her. Varsha and Jasmeet are sad. Everyone notice this and no one eats dinner.

Naitik comes to Naira and asks her to come for dinner. Naira cries and says she won’t come. He asks why, tell me did Naksh scold you. She says no, Naksh is very sweet. He asks who. He says you have been brave. She says I should have shared things with you. He says yes, we would have explained you, its okay, some lessons are learnt like this when you are in that situation. She asks is he not angry. He says no, I m proud of you, we all love you and want to see you happy. She hugs him and says sorry. He says always share things with me. He asks her to come now, he has to be ready to get scolding from Akshara. She smiles. Bhabhimaa wonders if Naitik is getting angry on Naira. Akshara says no, he will convince her. Naitik brings Naira there. Naksh and Naitik lift Naira and they all laugh.

Sangram tells Dada ji that Tara and Naksh were going in room alone by opening the lock. Akshara and Naitik get shocked.

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  1. Esha
    December 01, 00:26 Reply

    I want to slap hard that man so called sangram. JAHIL ADMI.

    But I have to say Akshara ki bahu bhi us jaisi. Just Like Akshara nae nai un do choron ko frypan sae peeta tha. Tara has also beat them with in same way with different thing with HOCKEY.
    I really enjoyed that scene.

    YRKKH Rock. Best Serial ever.

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