Begusarai 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Begusarai 30th November 2015 Written Update by Atiba

Begusarai 30th November 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Bindya says do as i ask or i will shoot you all. Bhanu ropes his own men. One of them tries to attack bindya she shoots his leg. Bindya says dont act clever with me. i am not joking. I know you. Now rope your men. Priyom ropes Bhanu. he says lets go brindya. They leave the jungle. Bhanu says ditcher she is. You will have to pay for this.

They come home. Maya does priyom’s dressing. Choti amma says it just touched today. Badi amma says it was a planned attack. There is someone who wants to kill Priyom. He knew that they would go through that track. Have you seen him before? Priyom says no. Badi says we have to find out who that is. He has to pay for his mistake. No one can harm my family.

Lakhan is drinking Poonam comes in room. He says go out.I ask God to fulfill all your dreams, even if it is separation from me. You are independent. Leave me like this. He recalls Poonam in the short dress. And when he hugged her. Poonam goes out. She says I have no relation with him. He used to drink before. Suddenly bulb fuses.
She lits a lamp. Lakhan sees her. Poonam turns back and says who is it? Lakhan hides. He comes out and says no matter how far you go, i will keep your shadows with me forever.

Bindya comes to her room. Priyom comes. He says what are you concealing? Show me. Bindya hides it. Priyom says what is it? He says okay don’t tell me. she says wont you ask me who attacked you? and what had i got to do with him? Even if you don’t ask me, i want to tell you. In my past.. Priyom says bindya, forget the past. I promised that your past come in between our relationship. She says let me say it. Bhanu is my past, i left it far behind. I didn’t know it would chase me. He threatened me but I didn’t know he would do this. I will tell whole family. Priyom says he wont do this again. Don’t say anything to anyone. I didn’t know you cared so much for me. That is why you were so worried. she says go out with guards. he says your love is my guard. Now show me what you are concealing. she says you will laugh at me. He says promise i wont. He opens her fist. Its has some spices. She says thought i should throw the bad eye off you. He says what? She says i only lost all my life. I got happiness now, and I am scared of losing it. I cant live with this fear. All my life, if i have ever loved someone its you. Priyom says then i want to say a truth as well. First love of my life was poonam. I never thought i would love someone more than her. I had place for her in my heart only. She says I understand. I love you. This is enough for me. Priyom says no you don’t, but you have to. I had no place for someone else. I dont when you conquered all that space. i dont know when i fell for you. Poonam is my past and you are present. I really love you and can’t live without you. Bindya hugs him.

Precap-Priyom holds Bindya and kisses her forehead. He hugs her from back.

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