Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Armaan saying I would have shown the cctv footage to the judge and got Sanjay’s license cancelled, but Abhira taught me that true love doesn’t let you do bad to others. He goes and calls Ruhi. She is at the temple. She answers the call. She asks what, you are leaving the family firm. Armaan says you are my client, Manoj can take the case. She says no, you handle it. He says Sanjay isn’t sparing Abhira, my patience is over. She thinks what happened between Abhira and Sanjay. Abhira also comes there. Ruhi says you ask Matarani if you have a stone instead of heart. Ruhi argues with Abhira. She says I lost everything, you don’t want to see what you got. Abhira asks what did I get, I m jobless. Ruhi says you got love in return, you are crying for a job. Abhira says my career matters to me. Ruhi says Armaan resigned from Poddar firm for your sake, it was his pride and second family. Abhira is shocked and asks why. Ruhi says maybe because of Sanjay and your fight, you just care for Armaan, what do you want from him. Abhira says I don’t want anything. Ruhi asks will you take revenge on him, is he your love or enemy. Krish comes to call Armaan. Ruhi says forgive him and move on, Armaan has done a lot to convince you, you clear it, you tell him that you have no future with him so that he doesn’t stop trying, if you love him then open your eyes, your anger will burn your relation. She goes. Abhira cries.

Sanjay calls the press conference. He says the blame on Abhira for bribing the judge was wrong, I wanted to give the money to the staff, the judge had a misunderstanding, Abhira is innocent, she is talented and sincere. Abhira sees this news. Sanjay says that’s it, I don’t want to say anything else. He leaves. Armaan sees Dadi. Abhira says Armaan is doing a lot for me, I want to trust him, but I m scared, what shall I do. Armaan comes to the outhouse and sees it locked. He says she might have seen the news, I will call her, she might get upset, I will send her news link. Abhira comes. He says your anger is justified, sorry to spoil your life, I found out Sanjay framed you, he told the media that it was not your mistake, Manish’s relative wants to get his house, his house is mortgaged, I m helping Ruhi, I want to tell you everything, I m tired of the misunderstandings between us. She says breathe, let me speak. She asks him to answer the call. He asks what. Krish comes. Abhira asks what happened, Armaan. Armaan says Papa…. He got shot. Krish and Abhira get shocked. Krish asks them to go. He runs to inform everyone. Inspector looks for the injured officers. Vidya shouts no, nothing can happen to Madhav. She cries. Kajal gets dizzy. Sanjay holds her. Vidya says I begged Abhira to stop Madhav, she didn’t stop him and sent him to die. Dadi gets angry. Armaan and Abhira come to the spot. Armaan says my dad is inside, let me go. Armaan and Abhira shout to find Madhav. Madhav is injured. Abhira calls Madhav. They hear the ringtone. The phone battery gets low and it gets switched off. Arman asks the man to give them some time, they are finding Madhav. Abhira sees Madhav lying unconscious. They rush Madhav to the ambulance. Papa meri jaan….plays…

Madhav is treated in the OT. Abhira holds Armaan. They cry. Armaan falls down. Abhira asks did you get hurt, say something, talk to me. She consoles him and hugs. Everyone comes there. Vidya asks where is Madhav. Armaan says his operation is going on, you can’t go in. Vidya says its my mistake. She beats herself. He stops her. She says I didn’t hold his hand and stayed in ego, I never valued him, Madhav has always forgiven me, I have always remembered his mistakes and forgot him, I have burnt my family. Manisha asks her to calm down. Abhira prays for Madhav. The nurse asks is anyone here have B negative blood, Madhav needs blood. Dadi says Madhav’s blood matched with his dad and Rohit. Armaan, Manoj and Sanjay say we will arrange the blood. They make calls. Abhira comes and says my blood group is B negative, I can donate blood to dad. Armaan runs and hugs her. Doctor says your platelet count is low, you can’t donate blood to Madhav, its genetic problem, didn’t any doctor tell you this. Abhira says mumma never let me donate blood, but I will donate blood to dad. Armaan says shut up, you won’t donate blood, you don’t need to save anyone’s life, I will manage. He gets a call and asks what, you got the donor, thanks. He says donor will come in an hour. He asks Aryan and Charu to stop Abhira, she isn’t well, don’t let her donate blood. Abhira says I m fine.

Armaan says Abhira won’t give blood to dad. Abhira donates blood. Armaan goes to her and hugs. Vidya apologizes to Abhira.

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