Anupamaa 6th July 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 6th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Anupamaa 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anupama thanking Kanha ji and says you gave me so much happiness today, that I couldn’t stop till morning to make halwa. She says all the problems are resolved, but just one thing is stuck. Anuj comes there. Anupama asks him to wait right there. He says I can’t. I am very happy for you that your pride and honour is returned. She thanks him. Anuj says I have to return, as Aadhya is insisting to return, and I have to go and talk to Shruti. Anupama asks him to go and talk to Shruti ji. He says but I want to talk to you before. Anupama says I am habitual to stay alone, but Shruti is not habitual. He says everyone knows that I don’t love Shrutii and says if I marry her then it will be right. Anupama says what you want, can’t happen as our daughter don’t want that. She says Aadhya don’t want us to unite. Anuj says stop feeling guilty, and says you had done mistake in the past. Anupama says it is wrong that Shruti and your marriage is called off and says I don’t want to give a chance to Aadhya to hate me more. Anuj asks her to give him a chance to convince Aadhya. Anupama asks him to go and says she don’t want to talk to him.

She gets teary eyes. Anuj gets much upset and angry at her decision. Lut gaye song plays….Anuj says I still love you, I haven’t pushed you before and will not pushed you even now, and says I want to tell you that nobody can separate Anuj from Anu, not even Anu. He says I will go by tomorrow morning flight, but I will return for you. Anupama cries.

Toshu tells Vanraj that Babu ji will refuse to give house for tower as Mummy came. Pakhi says Mummy will not let this house go. Vanraj asks what does this woman want, if she will eat our house now. He says if tower is made then we will get 3-4 flats. Pakhi and Toshu smirks seeing each other, and she says Mummy haven’t signed NOC till now. Toshu says Babu ji will back off if Mummy wants. Vanraj says I know, that Anupama comes first before me. Toshu says Babu ji don’t remember things and asks him to take the decision. Pakhi says then informed him. Toshu says talk to builder. Vanraj says I will talk to Babu ji and he shall understand as it is the matter of my children. Babu ji hears everything and gets shocked. Anupama comes there and says your medicine. Vanraj and others turn and look at babu ji standing. Anupama asks what happened? Babu ji says I will take medicines later and goes to his room. He tells Baa that they are becoming the stone on the way to their children’s happiness and time has come to remove the stone from their way. He says the kids are very much troubled with us, than we thought. He says they used to take advice from us, but now our advice is interference for them. Baa says that’s why we are going. They look at the trolley.

Anuj looks at Anupama’s photo and thinks don’t do it, I can’t leave without you. Aadhya comes there and says she is having much stomach pain and had 3-4 vomitings too. Anuj says lets go to doctor.

Anupama thinks of Anuj and says don’t do this. She gets Anuj’s message that Aadhya is having stomach ache and he is taking her to the doctor. Anupama calls him and asks about Aadhya. Anuj tells that he is taking her to hospital. Anupama says she will come there.

Doctor checks Aadhya, and gives her injection. Anuj and Anupama get worried for her. Doctor asks if she had any outside food. Anuj says she had street food, he had told Baa not to give her, but….He says but others had it and nothing happened to them. Doctor says everyone’s immunity is different. Anuj asks if they can travel tomorrow. Doctor asks them to postpone the trip. Anupama asks him to postpone the trip as Aadhya can’t have flight food.

Titu and Dimpy are together in the room. Titu says she is looking happy but still sad. She says she will be sad until Papa agrees. Titu says he will convince Papa. She says she can’t do anything for Maa, and tells that she is in village and we are here. Titu says I know my Maa, she will be happy if I am happy. Vanraj knocks on the door and calls Dimpy. Dimpy opens the door. Vanraj says Ansh needs Papa now and not Dada. Titu takes him. Dimpy says good night, Papa. Vanraj thinks he will see until when Titu will act to be a good father.

Next day, Ansh tells Pari and other kids that Papa told him story and he slept hearing it. Kinjal says he was sleeping with Papa. Kavya says don;t know when Vanraj took Ansh to Dimpy and Titu’s room. Anupama and Anuj bring Aadhya to Shah house. Everyone asks what happened? Anuj tells that Aadhya had high fever, stomach ache and vomitings, and she was hospitalized last night. Baa asks what doctor said. Anuj tells that Doctor said that Aadhya will be fine in 4-5 days and that’s why we had to postponed the trip. He says he didn’t ask anyone and brought her here, as Aadhya wanted to stay here with the kids. Dimpy, Kinjal and Kavya tell that he did right. Vanraj says if Aadhya will stay here, then Anuj and Anupama will also stay here. The kids take Aadhya from there. Vanraj asks them until when they will use Aadhya to meet each other. Anupama is about to answer him, but Anuj tells that he don’t want anyone’s help to meet Anupama. Anuj tells Vanraj that they both are single now, and asks if they stay together, hate each other, love each other, stay in live in etc, but it is none of his matter. Vanraj looks on.

Precap: Anuj gives Aadhya’s medicines to Anupama. Kinjal tells Anupama that it is Kanha ji’s sign and says only lucky people gets the second chance in first love.

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