Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2024 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th June 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Abhira not to leave and do her work well. Abhira says you didn’t buy me. Dadi says I bought you the day when you lied about your and Armaan’s relation. Abhira says I m not a toy and you didn’t buy me, I forgot to give your deposit, take the blank cheques, my ethics are not on sale, I hope you got your answer. Dadi gets angry and shouts at her. She says I thought you are sensible, but you are foolish, you knew it, just I can save Vidya and Madhav’s marriage, you lied in the court on my saying, you could have taken the money, did you get habitual to face the insults, you got a deal of loss because of your ethics. She goes. Abhira cries. She gets shocked seeing Armaan. He sees the mangalsutra in the cloth. He says Abhira, you did this for mum and dad. She runs away. Armaan calls her out. Abhira gets inside the cupboard and locks herself. She sits crying. Dadi comes and says Armaan, this house got happiness because of you, your decision to marry Ruhi will be proved right, I have always blamed you for getting Abhira here, forget her, its your marriage tomorrow, I have come to bless you. She gives him a candy. He takes her blessings. She says I have some imp work. She asks him to just come. He goes with her. Manish comes and opens the cupboard. He asks Abhira to come out. She cries.

She thanks him. He says I won’t ask anything, you can tell me whenever you want, what can I do for you. She asks him to close his eyes. She gets Akshara’s guitar and gives it to him. She says I will go from here after Ruhi and Armaan’s marriage, I wanted to give this to you, Armaan doesn’t know about this, don’t worry. Kajal meets Madhav and cries. She thinks Sanjay is doing wrong by hiding about Madhav. She says Vidya is so worried, she has a right to know about her husband, I will tell her. She calls Vidya. Sanjay calls out Vidya and doesn’t find her in the room. Armaan sees Abhira. Dadi stops Abhira and asks her to serve the tea and drinks to the guests. Abhira goes. She asks Vidya to start the sangeet. Vidya asks Manisha and Manoj to go for the performance. Manisha says I don’t want to dance. Manisha and Manoj perform on Jhumka gira….. Abhira serves the drinks. Armaan and Ruhi look at her. Everyone claps.

Sanjay checks Vidya’s phone. He sees Kajal’s call. He answers. Kajal says Madhav is in the hospital, come fast, are you coming. Sanjay gets angry and says I won’t let you talk to anyone. He switches off the phone. Krish says Manish and Swarna will be performing next. Manish and Swarna perform on Hawa ke saath saath….

Armaan says Abhira, I want to talk to you. She goes away. Ruhi takes Armaan with her. Abhira gets busy in her work. Krish says now the ladies special performance is going to happen. Vidya, Dadi and Surekha dance on Dola re dola… Krish asks everyone to have some food and come back. Dadi asks Abhira to check the arrangements, Armaan and Ruhi’s performance is next. Abhira goes and cries. Armaan sees her. He stops her and says you lied in the court to save mum dad’s marriage. She says just let me go. She falls down. He asks her to be careful and holds her. He saves her. Everyone looks at them. Maine zindagi tere naam ki….plays… Ruhi asks Armaan are you okay. He says yes. She holds his hand and takes him. Armaan says we have to remove Abhira from the job.

Kipling says I got the money sent by you. Abhira and Armaan argue. Ruhi says I love you Armaan.

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