Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Armaan apologizing to Abhira. She says I don’t understand, how shall I give a new start to this relation. He says trust me, we will die without each other, this can’t be the end of our story. They cry. Krish says sorry, a parcel has come for you. He goes. Armaan and Abhira check the papers. They get shocked. She says our marriage didn’t end, it means we are still husband and wife. Madhav and Vidya come. Armaan asks how can this happen. Madhav says yes, Sanjay did this to please Maasa, you were worried and didn’t check the papers well, he made fake divorce papers. Armaan says I was doing a big sin, I was going to marry someone else, Abhira lived with difficulties because of Sanjay, no one can save him today, I have to tell this to Dadisa. Madhav asks do you want to fight Sanjay or talk to your wife about the future, I got to know this before Armaan and Ruhi’s marriage, I was coming home and met with an accident. Vidya says it means Sanjay lied to me. Madhav says I got conscious on the day of their marriage, then I called Abhira there, I didn’t want you to stay together by helplessness, I wanted you to stay together by choice. Armaan thanks Madhav and hugs him.

He says thanks for not telling this to Abhira before, else I would have not known the truth that I can’t live without her, I m glad we are married, Abhira needs some time, that’s okay. He asks Abhira to not feel pressured. He says come to me when you want to come. Vidya says we should tell the family. Madhav says no, its just their decision, come with me. They leave. Armaan says I want to thank you for tolerating me and my family for one year, for loving me. He kisses her and leaves. Jhoke…. Plays….

Manish follows Ruhi’s car. He says why is she driving so carelessly. Vidya comes to Armaan. She finds him lost. Armaan says I told her about her decision, what will I do if she decides to separate, she is adamant. Vidya smiles. He asks will she leave me and go. She explains him to keep patience and take care of Abhira. She says become a good husband for her, make her realize that you will never leave her alone. He says it won’t be easy. She says yes, love is a blessing, work hard to get it. Armaan jokes. He smiles.

Krish and everyone rush in a line. Dadi shouts where are you going. Manisha worries and lies to Dadi. Manoj says I was going to give file to Madhav. Krish and everyone give the reasons. Charu says I thought to go and meet Madhav. Manisha asks shall we go. Dadi nods. They all rush. Dadi imagines Abhira coming and making fun of her. She looks around. Abhira thinks of Armaan. She sees everyone and asks when did you all come. Vidya asks what did you think of returning to Armaan, you both are still husband and wife. Madhav comes and asks them not to pressurize Abhira. They say no, we came to meet you. Manisha gives the bowl to Vidya. Madhav smiles. Manish follows Ruhi. Ruhi cries and drives rashly. He gets Swarna’s call. She asks where are you, Ruhi didn’t come home. He says Ruhi is upset with me, she is driving rashly, I will get her home. He gets shocked seeing Ruhi’s car and the crowd gathered. He runs to see. He gets shocked.

Ruhi hits someone. She asks Armaan to fight her case. Abhira asks did Ruhi do the accident. She says if Ruhi needs you, then Kaki needs me.

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