Udne Ki Aasha 9th July 2024 Written Update

Udne Ki Aasha 9th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Udne Ki Aasha 9th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Renu asking Roshni about her tension. She says I can see the glow on your face now, what happened. Roshni says my mood was upset. Shakku says Roshni’s dad didn’t come in her wedding, she is feeling bad. Roshni says yes. Renu says call him and inform him, you can call him here. Roshni says no, I don’t want to talk to him. Renu says don’t say that, he is your dad. Roshni says no, don’t spoil my happiness. Renu says fine. Roshni says I have seen the ring finding game, can we play it. Tejas says yes, I also want to play it. Renu asks Sayali to add milk and water, decorate it in silver utensil and get it. Renu says Roshni, tell me your wishes, I will fulfill all your wishes. Sayali gets the bowl. Sachin comes and asks what’s this drama. Paresh says you came at the right time, ring will be put in this bowl and new couple will find it. He explains Sachin. Sachin says I don’t understand, I m trying to understand, Roshni is compromising to live with Tejas. Renu puts the ring and asks them to find it. Sachin jokes on Tejas. Tejas holds Roshni’s hand. Sayali taunts Sachin on his tirat yatra. Sachin says I will go and pick up rides. She says stay back, I have to talk to you. Roshni finds the ring and signs Tejas. Tejas takes it and shows it. Renu says Roshni has let Tejas win. Roshni smiles. Sachin says Tejas is in shock. Paresh says no, he is shy. Renu says I felt glad, you made Tejas win, you will take care of him always. Sachin says I feel bad for Paresh. Paresh says no use to regret it now. Sachin goes with Sayali.

He says you fixed Roshni’s anklet, why are you doing all this work. She says I helped a new bride. He says you have the right to say no, they are making you do all the work. She says no, everyone is happy here, I was just helping them. She gives him the money. He explains her and asks her to fight for her respect. He says Renu is insulting you, Roshni will also insult you then what will you do. He explains her to fight for her rights and respect.

Sayali recalls Renu’s words. He says I heard everything, you should raise voice, you are tolerating the insult. She says I can’t fight with Renu all the time, she disliked me, she got a rich dad’s daughter, I m from a poor family. He asks who made these rules, I thought you are sensible, I can’t fight for you always, you have to fight. She says no need to fight, everyone don’t get the same respect in family, we have to know what thing to tolerate and what thing to fight for, Renu loves Tejas, not you, you have accepted this, I also accepted this truth, Renu will give love and respect to Roshni, not me, do you want me to fight with her always. He says forget it, you said you have to show something. She asks him to wait. He says I didn’t think she is sensible, she is right. Akash serves the dish to Riya and greets her. He says I told you, I m making something new for you. She says not bad, what’s the name of this dish. He says Saathiya… He shows the red heart shaped cake. She says wow, this looks different. He says you will know it what’s different when you taste it, this dish is for couples, this has two things, sweet and spicy. She tastes it and likes it. She says its so tasty, both the flavors are complimenting each other, did you invent this or try from internet. He says I have tried and tested this dish many times, I don’t like when someone jokes on my profession. She says I m sorry, even I don’t like it when my mom doesn’t take my profession seriously. He feeds the cake to her. She asks why is this couple cake. He says when two people have love, they see just positive things, it’s the dating phase, when marriage happens, game over, they find flaws in each other. She asks how is that related to the cake. He says its sweet and spicy like relationships, I will introduce this on valentines day. She says wow, your dish will be a super duper hit, reserve a table for two for me. He asks do you have a BF. She says no, I m sure I will have a BF till valentines day. He says then I have to stay free till then, when you come with your BF then I should be there to free serve. She says I m sure you will be here. He asks why. She says you will understand that day. She smiles. Sayali asks what’s in my hands, tell me. Sachin says I don’t have time. She asks him to guess.

He says you got alcohol bottle, right. She stares at him. He says vada pau, bhajiya. She says you are mad, why will I hide that. He says its rainy weather, what does a person want than vada pau and tea. She says fine, I will tell you, sit, close your eyes. She gives the money and says open your eyes now. He gets shocked. He asks what’s this, you looted a bank, return it, mad. She says no, I didn’t loot any bank, its my first earning. He smiles. She says I told you about a deal with Sarvesh, this is my first earning. He says great, I m very happy. She says its 10000rs. He says its 10rs or 10000rs, I m happy. He gives it to her and says you are talented, don’t leave any chance if you get work, I will help. She says keep this money. He says its yours, you keep it. She says you keep it and use it in loan. He says loan is my tension, not yours. She says you work hard, take my help. He says you think I can’t pay the loans, I fight every problem alone, this is your earning, you have a right on it, don’t worry. She asks are you feeling ashamed to take money from your wife.

He says you don’t understand me, I have no ego, you don’t trust me. She says no. He says this is your money, spend it as you like, I m happy for you, prosper more. She smiles. He goes out and sees Renu feeding the apples to Roshni. Sayali comes out. He says I stopped seeing this sight, Roshni is clever. Sayali says you are getting late, go. Sayali’s friends come. Sachin says your sister was doing nurse’s course, did she get a job. The lady says yes, she got a job in city hospital. Sachin talks to the ladies. He says you all work hard every day. Sayali smiles. He leaves. Renu asks Roshni not to pay attention to them. The lady says Sachin earned a good name in the chawl, its good, people aren’t scared of Sudhakar. Renu insults Sayali and her friends. Roshni looks on. Sayali asks them to have tea. The lady says no, we have work. Renu shouts aloud and taunts them. The ladies ask Sayali to bond with Roshni. They leave. Sayali says person’s status is seen by heart, not richness. She taunts Renu.

Sayali says I m very happy today. Sachin says Sayali has hidden a big thing from me, she knew Sudhakar did that, she broke my trust.

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