Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th October 2020 Written Update

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th October 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th October 2020 Written Episode

Kuhu thinks to wait there only. I did send a text to Mumma. She might reach soon.

Kunal hopes Kuhu is safe. I am almost on the location. Please take care of her Lord.

Kuhu wonders what if no one comes to her rescue. She notices a taxi coming and tries to take lift but in vain. No one stops the car for a pregnant lady! Bad people. She talks to the baby. Hashtag, chill. Tell me what we should do now. Should I start walking or wait right here?

Kunal reaches the said location. He finds her car and phone there but not Kuhu.

Kuhu says start the countdown. We will be home in 2 minutes. Tell mumma to make my favorite food once we are home. Okay, baby?

Everyone is doing their best to find Kuhu. Abir shares that Kunal has reached the location. He calls Kunal. Kunal blames himself for Kuhu’s situation. Abir assures her that she will be fine. Kunal says even her phone is broken. Abir reasons that it might have fallen. Come home now. They end the call. Abir notices his mother praying for help. He tells Mishti he finds it strange that humans make mistakes and God must help fix it. I wont sit quietly at home. I will find Kuhu. Mishti suggests informing the NGO also. They will help us too. He agrees. Massi prays that Kuhu returns home soon.

Kuhu reaches home. Your Chachu will come and scold me but it is ok. He is in another team now and we are in another team. We will quieten him.

Abir tells Mr. Patel to ask his team to start looking for Kuhu everywhere, especially around their house. Please let us know once they find Kuhu. Mishti also calls NGO. Kuhu notices them and calls out to Abir but she is too tired because of the long walk. She sits down next to the railing. Kunal comes home just then. He misses seeing her too and heads inside.

Varsha calls Mami and asks about Kuhu. Mami tells her the truth. Mishti speaks to Varsha. We have informed police and NGO. Varsha cries. Where would my daughter be? Mishti tells her not to worry. She will be fine. Varsha tells her to tell Mrs. Rajvansh to do her best for her daughter. Jasmeet tells Mishti to keep them in loop. She comforts Varsha.

Kuhu thinks they are right outside but no one knows it.

Kunal scolds someone on the phone. Abir hugs him and calms him down. Mami says what if something happens to Kuhu. Mishti says she has practice of fighting with me and problems. She will be fine.

Massi and Meenakshi are praying in the temple. Mami notices that the diya has blown out and calls it inauspicious. Massi tells her there is nothing auspicious or inauspicious. Everyone covers the diya when Meenakshi lights it again. Mishti reasons that heart, and intentions of a person are of utmost important. Kanha ji and Ambe Ma wont let anything happen to her. Mami notices the peacock feather flying away. Mishti goes to check. The feather lands right in Kuhu’s lap. Mishti exclaims her name and everyone rushes outside to check on her. Abir informs Jasmeet.

Doc asks for Kunal. He starts rambling about how he got little late and she had to walk her way home. Doc asks them if Kuhu’s BP remains high always. Mishti denies. It has happened only once. Is she fine? Doc replies that they cannot say anything right now. Delivery is due in a month but looking at her condition, it is possible that we might have to do the surgery now. Kunal goes with them.

Mishti and Kabir check on each other.

Varsha says Kuhu keeps troubling me like this always. Who gets out of the house in this condition without informing anyone? Meenakshi tells her to have faith on Ma Ambe. I am positive that our Kuhu will be fine. Varsha tells her not to act. We all know that you are only concerned about your heir, not Kuhu. Mishti tries to stop her but Abir tells her to let it be. It is the truth. Varsha says Kuhu was against surrogacy but you trapped her in your words. She wouldn’t have been in this condition then. She is a fool to fall in your words. I wont spare you if anything happens to my daughter! Meenakshi says I know you are angry with me. Say whatever is in your heart. I admit that you are right. Kuhu is in this condition because of me. I have done everything wrong till date. Please forgive me. Mishti gives her water. Varsha gives it to Meenakshi. She cannot say no to me. They both are teary eyed. Mishti asks Kanha ji why he is testing them. Things are going right in one corner while everything else is wrong in another corner.

Abir is crying in a corner. Mishti calls out his name and he immediately replies that he is fine. She asks him if he will hide his pain from her too. He shows her a baby dress. I learnt it from Massi and you’re your old clothes to make it. She hugs him. You made me emotional too. He says sorry but she tells him to shut up. It isn’t a normal baby. It is like us. It cannot give up. Nothing will happen to Kuhu and our baby. They hear Kuhu’s voice and go in the direction of the voice.

Kunal is watching the video of the dinner surprise. Kunal says I used to plan them but Kuhu could guess them beforehand. She used to tell me that it is her superpower to guess surprises. She is so annoying yet I love her. Abir assures her she wont change even after this. Kunal says it is so difficult. She isn’t opening her eyes or talking. I don’t know what to do. Mishti tells him to be ready. Kuhu will wake up soon and ask you many questions. I am thinking to write a book on Kuhu once the baby is born. I used to complain to Kanha ji about the drama in my life but Kuhu’s life became more dramatic today. I can write the book on today only! Kunal says Kuhu wanted to win over you always. She won today. Mishti says i have never told this to anyone but I cannot fight with Kuhu or Kuhuness. She has always won. She just cannot understand it though. That’s why I am thinking to write the book and keep copies around the house. She should never forget it. Should I name it, hashtag, Kuhu the warrior sister? Kunal says both sisters talk so much. Kuhu loved me from day 1. I took time in realizing it. Hope I am not too late. Mishti tells him to think of happy thoughts. You became friends with me by doing that peacock feather ritual on my wedding day. Listen to your friend. Mishti recalls that Badi Ma gave a feather to them. It must be in the car. I will keep it next to Kuhu for their speedy recovery. Abir hugs Kunal. Mishti is right. Be positive. Nurse asks them to come asap.

Varsha panics seeing the commotion. Doc informs that Kuhu woke up but her condition isn’t stable. This is a surrogacy case, right? He nods. Doc says baby may not survive if we do the deliver today. It would become very difficult to save Kuhu if we delay the delivery. The case is very complicated. We might be able to save only one of them. Everyone is stunned.

Precap: Kuhu says I have told baby it will come outside fit and fine. Bring colorful balloons for the baby. Doc comes out of the OT. Mishti asks doc about Kuhu. Doc says she is fine but the kid!

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