Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th August 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th August 2019 Written Episode

Bela and Vishakha are at Naina’s place. Rakesh plays with the baby. Vishakha remarks that they have become grandmothers but they have never seen Rakesh like this. Bela says even I have only seen him scolding people all the time. He (Anand) would have been shocked if he had seen him like this. Vishakha reasons that this is what happens when you become grandparents. Naina shares that Rakesh tutors with angel in his lap. Bela says he was upset that you were a girl and now he is showering all his love on angel. Naina nods. He wants to make up for whatever he missed on in my childhood. Bela goes about her other work while Vishakha tells Naina to get ready for the evening function.

Vishakha thanks Rakesh for being there for the kids. Rakesh tells her not to say so. Sameer is also my

son. Both Naina and Sameer are my responsibility. So many more beautiful moments are to come. Vishakha nods. They have become parents after all. Rakesh says it is said that a kid is the best teacher and disciple of parents. Vishakha smiles. I will pray for their beautiful future.
The house is beautifully decorated and all the neighbours have gathered. Preeti asks everyone if they have thought of a name. I have thought of one. Sameer nods. Papa ji has thought of one. Everyone turns serious. Preeti remarks that it must be an old name like Lakshmi, Saraswati only. Rakesh asks her if she thinks he will keep such an old name of his angel. Bela teases him next. Rakesh assures them that he has thought well and then chosen a name. Naina and Sameer ask him to say the name out loud once. We will be able to change it in time if we must. Rakesh tells Naina not to think of what Preeti is saying. Don’t you trust your father? Vishakha seconds Naina. Kids these days don’t like long names. Share it please. Rakesh refuses. He asks Jatin to sing a song / play music.

Everyone sits down. Naina tells Sameer she is worried. I wonder what name Papa must have chosen. Rakesh tells everyone to relax. We can name her anything but she will make her own name in future. Sameer nods. You can tell it for safety sake. Rakesh shares that he will tell the name only after puja. Vanita and Gadkari family also come there followed by Nirmala ji and Shubham. Vishakha gives her shagun. When are you doing your grandson’s naamkaran? Nirmala ji says it will take 2-3 days. I will do it in banquet hall (she pronounces it incorrectly). We wont have to do anything there. They make their own arrangements. Everyone has to come. They all agree. Shubham asks Naina and Preeti if they have thought of a name for the angel. I have thought of one – Ria. It is a very economical name. Everyone tells a name one by one. Sameer points out that Papa has already thought of a name. Rakesh tells everyone to think. I cannot stop anyone from thinking. I will keep the name. Preeti wishes good luck to Naina and Sameer. God save my niece! Rakesh looks at her pointedly.

Sameer tells Naina he is afraid of Rakesh’s choice. Pundit ji comes just then. Rakesh asks him about mahurat time but is told there is still some time. Everyone decides to make use of the free time. Vanita and Sejal pull Bela and Vishakha for a dance. She asks Jatin to play the music. He offers to sing but everyone chooses tape instead. Vishakha and Bela dance on Choti Si Pyari Si song. They also pull both the parents for the dance. Rakesh dances holding the angel in his arms as the song comes to an end. Everyone claps as the song ends. Pundit ji asks everyone to sit for the puja. Rakesh says few words for his granddaughter. She may not understand the meaning of my words now but when I will age or I wont be no more, you guys will be able to tell her this. He says a beautiful poem about daughters. The puja starts.

Voiceover – Sameer:
A new chapter started that day. We had just learnt to act mature. We dint know when we switched from cold drink bottle to milk bottle. We both knew that this chapter wasn’t going to be easy for us. Romantic movies were teaching us till now about each other but nothing could teach us what we were going to do now.

Pundit ji completes the puja. He asks Sameer and Naina which name they have chosen for their baby. They stare at him blankly. Rakesh smiles as he walks up to them. He whispers the name in Naina’s ears and goes back to his place. She whispers it in his ear. Naina and Sameer announce the name proudly – Suman Maheshwari. Everyone loves the name. Vishakha compliments Rakesh. How did you think of this name? Rakesh shares that he named her as Suman as Maine Pyar Kiya’s Suman and Prem were in limelight when Naina and Sameer had first met. They should recall their first meeting whenever they see their daughter. Naina and Sameer are pleasantly surprised.

Voiceover – Sameer:
It is true that parents know everything even when we don’t tell them anything. That is the most surprising thing most of the times and that day, Papa shocked us. 0We thought he wont be able to understand us but he proved us how much better he knows us.

Sameer says we understood how big a responsibility is parenthood when we have become parents ourselves. We want to say something to you guys. He thanks Vishakha while Naina thanks Bela for all that they have done for them / taught them till date. You both have always been with us through thick and thin. We owe it all to you. Vishakha says mothers are there to protect their kids after all. Bela joins her. My Naina was very simple. Preeti used to be double naughty instead. Sameer gets angry but he loves Naina very much and keeps her happy always. Vishakha says we are proud of you. Bela nods. We have done our bit on time. It is your turn now. Naina looks at Sameer.

Precap: Sameer sings a song / plays guitar for as Naina tries to put the baby to sleep. Rakesh is all smiles.

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