Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th August 2019 Written Update by pooja

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th August 2019 Written Episode

Sameer wakes up Rakesh. Naina is in pain. Rakesh says you too should be in pain if she is in pain. You are going to be a father too. Stop using I word and say us. Your family is growing. They run to Naina but now she tells them that she is fine. It was due to gas. It went away with burp. Sameer says it is good. We are saved! She taunts him. The baby isn’t coming out. I am tired. These 2 weeks just wont pass! He tells her it shall pass. Don’t get upset or the baby will also have such mood swings. She asks him if she is jittery. Become a woman and you will know. He says that isn’t possible but I will take very good care of you. She tells him to rub her feet like doc had said if he wants her to be normal. He happily does that. She asks him if he she is looking fat. He asks her why she

is asking this. She says I heard that women become fat when they are pregnant. Their husbands lose interest in them. I am looking fat too? He says you are looking fat but my love has increased for you. I would have told you how much it is if I had thermometer. You cannot imagine how high it would be! She smiles shyly. Baahon Ke Darmiyaan plays. He cutely winks at her. Later, Naina and Sameer draw a painting with a rainbow, a family and a house. They romance cutely.
Sameer tells Naina that two small hands will be in their hands very soon. Naina says we will become mummy papa very soon. He nods. I have decided I wont go away from the baby even for a second. She tells him she wont let that happen even if he tries. He says we will love the baby very much. I have heard that love spoils kids. She nods. We will be like Chacha ji and Chachi ji. He says I will
She asks about studies. I want the kid to study a lot. Sameer wants to leave the decision on the baby. She happily agrees. We will let the baby choose its own course. Sameer says life is so beautiful. We met in school for the first time and today we are going to become parents.

Voiceover – Sameer:
People these days fear commitment and marriage a much. When that happens, they fear parenthood. Such fears did not exist back then. You dint fear to marry the one you love and parenthood was bliss. Naina and I knew this. We wanted to be together at every step of life. There was no fear.

Next morning, Shubham is calculating the house budget. He complains of the expensive dry fruits that are coming over. Preeti and Nirmala reason that it is the baby who wants it. Preeti asks her MIL to add more dry fruits in the halwa next time. Nirmala ji gladly agrees. It is time for your kesar milk. She tells Shubham to focus on Preeti and the baby. You wouldn’t have been this healthy if your papa had thought so much. Put oil on Preeti’s head. She tells him that he needs it more. Shubham tells the baby to remember the amount of money he is spending on him. It shows how much your Papa loves you. Preeti smiles.

Both Sameer and Shubham gladly fulfil all the cravings of their wives. Naina starts feeling cramps again. Sameer says everything will be fine after the burp. You just had food. She insists that this pain is too much. I am going. Vanita asks her where she is off to. Naina complains of pain. Vanita tells Sameer and Rakesh to stop watching TV. Naina is in labour. Sameer agrees to pack her stuff. Rakesh goes downstairs to get the car. Vanita tells Naina to take deep breaths. Vanita also informs Gauri. Sameer asks Naina if she is fine. Let’s go. Naina says I will take lift. Sameer tells the ladies to bring Naina and heads downstairs to keep the bags. There is a short circuit and the light goes off.

Sameer keeps the bags in the car. He tells Rakesh that Naina is coming in the lift. Rakesh reasons that they should have come by now. They go to check on the ladies.

Naina is screaming due to pain. Rakesh and Sameer realise that the lift isn’t working. They run upstairs. Vanita and Gauri call out for help. Sameer and Rakesh find them stuck in the lift. Gopal also comes out hearing the commotion. He looks at Naina’s condition. Sameer requests him to do something. Gopal calls out to someone. Electrician isn’t picking phone. Naina shouts in pain. Rakesh runs downstairs to seek help. Sameer and Gopal keep telling Naina to stay strong. Vanita tells Sameer not to worry. Naina and the baby will be fine. Do something.

Rakesh goes to the shop but the electrician is away. He wont return before half and hour.

Shubham, Preeti and Nirmala ji also come to the lift area.

Rakesh calls Gopal and speaks to Sameer. Sameer says we cannot wait for half an hour. We have to get Naina outside asap. Rakesh tells him to take care of Naina. I will find another electrician. Sameer blames himself for Naina’s condition. Gopal and Vanita tell him not to blame himself. Nirmala ji asks Preeti to come home. You might get worried seeing all this. Preeti refuses to leave her sister’s side. Sameer prays for Naina and their baby’s well being.

Precap: Naina manages to step out of the lift. Gauri reasons that it is too late to go to hospital. We will do the delivery at home. Everyone panics hearing it.

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