Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th August 2019 Written Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th August 2019 Written Update by Pooja

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 9th August 2019 Written Episode

Rakesh brings electrician. He starts fixing the fuse.

Naina is screaming in pain in the lift.

Light comes back. The ladies step out of the lift. Sameer asks Naina if she is fine. Sejal is shocked to see Naina thus. What happened? Gopal tells her. Rakesh asks them to come but Gauri reasons that it is too late to go to hospital. We will do the delivery at home. Call doctor home. Everyone panics hearing it. They take Naina inside. She is screaming loudly. Nirmala ji is concerned about Preeti. Shubham makes her sit on the sofa. They wait outside anxiously as Gauri, Sejal and Vanita take Naina inside. Doc is also taken inside the room the moment she enters. Sameer is seen praying in a corner. Rakesh joins him. He taps at Sameer’s shoulder reassuringly.

Doc announces the

birth of a baby girl. Naina smiles. Vanita asks as to why the baby isn’t crying. They wait with bated breath. The baby finally cries. Everyone smiles in relief. Sameer’s eyes are red. Gauri takes the baby in her arms.
Voiceover – Sameer:
We had seen a lot many people cry in this house. We used to be upset seeing that earlier. People would doubt our mental balance if we laughed. We smiled hearing that cry that day. It was like a hero made an entry and the audience clapped!

Sameer goes inside. He sits next to Naina and kisses her on her forehead. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I let you go alone. She congratulates him. We got an angel. He congratulates her as well. Gauri, Sejal and Vanita smile. Sameer rests his head against her. He finally holds his baby in his arms. Naina gets emotional as well. Sameer talks to his daughter. You are Papa’s Gudiya. Look at us with your little eyes always. Don’t hesitate from whatever you want. I promise you that your childhood wont be like mine! Naina looks at him. Rakesh looks at them.

Naina and baby’s grahpravesh is going on. Everyone has brought toys for her. They play with the baby and simultaneously take care of Preeti as well. Naina and Sameer fold their hands in reverence in their house temple.

Voiceover – Sameer:
We pray for everything for ourselves till the time we become parents. Once that happens, we change completely. Our prayers change as well. It is true. You understand some emotions only when you become parents.

Everyone looks at Naina and Sameer as they pray. Rakesh holds the baby but Sameer argues that it was his turn. Even nurse dint let me hold her. Preeti says she wont go to either Naina or Papa, she will be with Massi. Rakesh and Sameer keep arguing. Rakesh reminds him that he has given him his daughter to look after. Fulfil that responsibility. Go

Voiceover – Sameer:
Our life was revolving around the baby. We were ready to do anything for her.

Sameer curiously asks Naina about the baby and its antics. They try to close in for a kiss twice but the baby pats her hands at their. Sameer jokes that she has already started coming between them. Naina smiles. They lie down. Sameer thanks Naina for giving him the biggest happiness of his life. He holds her hand.

Nirmala ji sits next to Preeti. Naina gave birth to a baby girl and your mother has two daughters. I guess your family is destined to give birth to girls only. It is okay if a girl is a second baby. Preeti says what if the baby boy takes after Shubham. He too will speak of economics. I guess it is better if it’s a girl. Nirmala ji goes quiet.

Sameer is taking class from his mummy on phone as to how to make the baby wear a nappy. Naina smiles. Sameer calls it complicated. Rakesh shows him how it is done. Sameer tries next. Rakesh teases him. Practise it well. It isn’t too easy to become Papa.

Nirmala ji, Preeti and Shubham come to the society. Shubham is holding his baby in his hands. Nirmala ji announces the good news loudly for everyone. I got blessed with a grandson! She distributes sweets to everyone. Sejal and Vanita congratulate them.

Naina is talking to someone on phone. Call me once you start. Sameer or Papa will come to pick you from station. Nirmala ji shares the good news with them as well. Preeti gave birth to a son. Now the lineage can be carried forward. Rakesh nods. It will happen because of a girl (Preeti). Naina is my daughter and my self-respect. Nirmala ji says it is good that you guys are happy with what you have but I cannot contain my happiness. It is double than yours as I have a grandson now! I will celebrate it with pomp and show. You will see. She leaves. Rakesh, Naina and Sameer laugh as soon as she leaves.

Voiceover – Sameer:
Girl and boy were categorised very differently back then. They used to be given different preferences. The thoughts have changed today owing to people like Papa ji. People like him not just praise them but also encourage them to grow in life.

Naina, Sameer and Rakesh debate on the baby’s name. Naina reminds them that they should meet Preeti’s baby first. Sameer nods. I am also very excited to meet him. They go to Preeti’s house.

Vishakha, Bela and Anand have come over. They are confused as to which dress should the baby wear first. Rakesh offers to do it.

Precap: A party has been organized to celebrate the birth of both the babies. Bela and Vishakha are singing happily. .

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