Kawach 5th November 2016 Written Update

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Kawach 5th November 2016 Written Episode

Ritu and Kabeer enjoy liquor. Kabeer praises that she is a wonderful actor, she easily trapped Rajbeer and says she should do TV serials. Ritu says she does not like hard work and working in shifts when she can get easy money via Rajbeer. He says what about Pari, she knows our secret. Ritu says her significance in this house has vanished and if she tries to interfere between her and Rajbeer, she may even lose her life. She further says she is confused about Rajbeer that he sometimes comes near her and somes runs away. Shreya enters. They both change topic and say they have fixed baby pics for her so that she can get a beautiful baby. Shreya says she needs a baby like Kabeer. Ritu says he is ugly. Kabeer acts as getting angry… They all smile.

Rajbeer and family waith for
Sayoni and her family. A man Vikas comes and introduces himself as Sayonn’s brother and father. Rajbeer asks who are people with him. He says they are his business partners and family. Rajbeer says he liked his nature considering business partners as family and sister as daughter. He shakes hands and tightens grip. Bharath holds his shoulder and Rajbeer leaves Vikas’ hand. Bharath asks where is Sayoni. Sayoni enters and meets everyone. Bharath asks servant to bring Rajasthan’s special drink. Servant drops drink onn Vikas’s partner’s shirt and he shouts that servant spoilt his clothes. Vikas apologizes and says his partner gets angry easily. Bharath asks them all to sit. Ritu comes down wearing mangalsutra and Jolly in Rajbeer’s body introduces her as his wife. Family is shocked. Pari comes and is shocked to hear that. Vikas asks who this woman. Ritu says she is guest and will leave in 2-3 days from here and comments some guests are shameless to stay long. Rajbeer goes up and Jolly gets out of his body. Rajbeer is confused why is he standing there. He goes to his Vikram’s room and gets him ready. Vikram thanks him for fixing alliance with Sayoni. Rajbeer surprisingly asks is it. Vikram says, papa told he had fixed alliance when he had gone a business meeting last time. Rajbeer stands surprised. Pari walks towards corridor. Ritu follows her and asks if she needs more insult or will go from there silently. Pari says she knows he wants money and she can give her whateve rmoney she asks and get her a new house. Ritu laughs that she does not have house and is talking of gifting a house. Pari says once Rajbeer will know her true colors, he will not spare her. Ritu gets jealous and yells.

Jolly gets back into Rajbeer’s body. Vikas’ friend Santosh walks out of house to eat paan. Jolly in Rajbeer’s body gets his car and asks Santosh where is he going. Santosh says to eat paan as he is habituated to have paan due one of his friend. Rajbeer says even he likes banarasi paan with gulkand. Santosh says how does he know and get into car. Rajbeer drives rashly and applies brakes. Vikas hits his head on bonnet. Jolly asks if he is hurt and kicks him out of car. Santosh shouts Rajbeeer have you gone mad. Jolly gets out of Rajbeer’s body. Santosh is shocked seeing him and says he was dead. Jolly says he came back for him, gets his hand into Santosh’s chest and destroys his heart. Santosh dies. He then buries Sanoth’s body and gets into Rajbeer’s body and drives back home. He goes to room and washes his hand. Vikas calls Santosh’s mobile and Rajbeer picks it and speaaks in Santosh’s voice that he got a call from office and went and asks him not to worry and finish Sayoni’s marriage well. He talks about Jolly and Vikas warns not to talk about him. Pari hears his conversation. He sees Pari and starts his usual drama and tortoring her.

Jolly in Rajbeer ‘s body then goes back to living room. Daadi asks panditji to fix marriage date. Pandit says muhurath is after 5 days. Vikas’s friend scoldss pandit. Vikas agrees for marriage after 5 days. Friend says they will find a hotel for 5 days till then. Bhaath says they can stay in his outhouse and asks Vikram to show them outhouse. Rajbeer hugs Vikas and tightens grip. Vikas feels it. He goes to outhouse and calls Santosh repeatedly. His friend says Santosh eloped so easily.

Pari then walks up towards Rajbeer’s room. Ritu stops her and says she is shameless to stay in Rajbeer’s room after losing him. Pari says she is shameless instead to stay here without marriage and her drama will not work long. Ritu purposefully falls down from stairs and yells Pari pushed her. Jolly gets out of Rajbeer’s body and laughs that Ritu is more kamini than him. Rajbeer scolds Pari. Ritu lies that Pari yelled that she took her husband and now wants to take even room. Rajbeer tells Ritu that she will stay in his room and tells Pari if she wants to stay in rooom, then he will stay to another room with Ritu. He takes Ritu to his room and Ritu shows her fake love. Rajbeer says he needs some time and walks away. Ritu fumes he needs time to think about Pari.

Pari watches CCTV footage to check what happened whole night. She sees Santosh going out of house and looking at someone. She walks hurriedly to check. Natasha holding laddo thali calls Pari, but Pari does not hear. Ritu loudly comments Pari insult famous TV serial actress Natasha. Pari stops. Natasha asks Pari why did she insult her. Pari leaves. Bharath tells Rajbeer that Ritu takes care of family so well and is perfect for him, so he should divorce Pari and marry Ritu. Pari goes out of house and sees driver getting Rajbeer’s car. Driver says Rajbeer had taken car out and had dropped it on MG road due to no fuel, he asked him to fill petrol and bring car back, so he brought it. Pari takes keys and drives car to MG road and thinks why Rajbeer came here, if Jolly is trying to mislead her. She sees a blood stained watch and thinks whose it must be. She then sees lose mud and gets supicious.

Vikram and Sayoni’s engagement party starts. Ritu dances on Ye mera dil pyar ka deewana sensuously. Vikas tells Rajbeer he is lucky to have such a beautiful life partner. Jolly gets into Rajbeer’s body and starts dancing with Ritu sensuously. Pari on the other side digs grond and finds Santosh’s dead body. She reaches home hurriedly and sees Vikas and Aman and not Kunal. Kunal returns. Vikram and Sayoni exchange rings everyone clap. Daadi sees Pari and asks where is she, why she gives chance for people to badmouth about her. Pari walks. Jolly pushes her on servant carrying juice and juice flals on Kunal. Kunal yells on Pari. Ritu yells at Pari that she is habituated to spoil people’s clothes and yells why did she come here with soiled clothes and asks her to go from there.

Precap: Jolly pushes Kunal and beats him. Kunal goes into coma. Pari sees that hiding and takes Kunal to hospital. Aman comes and she informs that Kunal will not open yes. He says he will inform everyone that she did this. Pari asks what…

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