Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2019 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2019 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2019 Written Episode

Karan asks Preeta to break her marriage with Prithvi, he has someone better than him for her. Preeta says lets first stop the one marriage they are intended to stop. An auto stops by her.

The goons bring meal for Sarla and weren’t ready to feed her with their hands. They untie her mouth. Sarla cries and requests them to let her go, her daughters must be extremely tensed. They are also sons of a mother. The goons were uninterested in her lecture. Their parcel was received and leaves Sarla to finish food.

Sherlin comes to Rakhi in the temple corner. Rakhi complements her to be looking beautiful. She asks Sherlin to take God’s blessings, the shagun thaal slips Rakhi’s hand and ruins her dress. Rakhi was worried. Sherlin says it was a mistake, not a bad omen. She tells Rakhi to change

into her red and gold saree, it would suit her and will match her dress as well.
Sarla hurriedly untie her foot from the chair. She looks around to think of some way out. The goons were busy checking their new guns. Sarla finds a landline phone of the godown and calls her home. Bee ji and Janki doesn’t respond to the phone instantly. Finally Bee ji receives the call. The goons come from the other side and look for Sarla. Sarla goes behind a pile holding the phone. Bee ji and Janki doesn’t hear any sound from the other side. The goon was looking for his wallet around and finds it near Sarla. Sarla however wasn’t spotted. After they had left, Sarla tells Bee ji that Sherlin got her kidnapped. A goon comes from the opposite side with the phone wire and take Sarla. Bee ji and Janki were worried and tries the number again but it doesn’t connect, they wonder what Janki is up to.

Tanvi comes to Sameer’s room. Sameer warns her to stay outside. He says Shrishti already doubts him and he doesn’t want to confirm her doubts. Tanvi says it was a plan of her and Karan. Shrishti hears this and comes inside to inquire Tanvi. Tanvi says it was a plan of Karan and her, they knew Shrishti and Sameer loved each other and didn’t confess. They planned everything so that they finally confess each other. Shrishti hugs Tanvi and thanks her for not snatching her Sammy from her. Tanvi cheerfully leaves them alone. Shrishti asks Sameer to now say what she wish to hear. Sameer says he doesn’t like another girl but Shrishti… Shrishti interrupts that not this one. Sameer says he only thinks about her. Shrishti was annoyed and turns to leave. Sameer says I love you. Shrishti was stunned, then turns to say I love you to Sameer. Both hug each other.

In the room, Rakhi was ready in another dress and was happy about Sherlin’s idea. She wonders where the matching purse is which Sherlin had mentioned.

Shrishti asks Sameer why he needed the other phone. Sameer says Karan wants him to keep an eye on Prithvi till he returns. Shrishti was nervous, replies ok and runs out of the room. Sameer utters I love you Shrishti. She returns to cheerfully say I love you too, Shorty.

Preeta was in the auto and asks the driver to hurry. The driver says the break of his auto had failed a few days ago, he can’t accelerate. There, Pandit ji had started the Mantra. Karan was restless and wonders where Preeta is lost. Prithvi loves the Pandit. Mahesh comes to the hall and notices Sameer filming Prithvi. He wonders what happened to Sameer, he was first caught with Tanvi and now this Prithvi; is he still confused. Shrishti caught Sameer and wonders why he is way too innocent, he can be easily caught by Prithvi this way.

PRECAP: Sherlin asks Preeta what’s in the envelope. Preeta replies it’s a secret and walks ahead. Sherlin calls from back that its her pregnancy report.

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