Musakaan 9th February 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 9th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 9th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Muskaan and Ronak saying no. Sujoy gets scolded by Sir ji and DCP. Sujoy says I haven’t seen Ronak there. Sir ji says get him the transfer. He asks Sujoy to take Muskaan away to other city so that no one reaches her. Constable hears them. DCP agrees. Aarti is with constable Sunita in the park. They do exercise. Sunita tells her everything. Kajal expresses her wish to have haldi rasam done in temple. Ronak agrees and says I will arrange everything. Aarti tells Sujoy that she will take haldi to temple and take blessings. Sujoy gets constables home for Muskaan’s safety. He leaves for work. Ronak sees Sujoy leaving. He asks Hanumant to stay out and make sure that no one gets in. He comes to meet Muskaan. Constables stop him. Ronak says let me go in. Aarti stops the constables. Ronak

says I want to talk to Muskaan for two mins. Muskaan refuses and says you are getting married to someone.
Aarti asks her to listen to Ronak once. Ronak says they don’t know me, but you know me Muskaan. He gets angry and beats the constables. He goes to Muskaan and says I have to talk to you, I want to know why you hate me so much, then I will go away. Muskaan takes him outside the house. She begs him to leave. He says I admit that Aarti was with me, but there is a reason. She asks him to say the reason. He says she was with me, because I was getting her treated, you aren’t listening to me. Muskaan claps and says you didn’t tell me. Sujoy comes there with policemen. They get into an argument. Sujoy removes his uniform and challenges Ronak for a fight. He says your dad had come to police station to wash your sins, he threatened to get me off my duty, think for yourself. Sir ji and family are on the way. They also take the way through market. Ronak and Sujoy have a fight. Muskaan and Aarti see the fight. Ronak sees Muskaan getting affected by his wounds. He gets more beaten up. A man informs police about the fight. Hanumant is at the temple. He says the family is going to come, but Ronak isn’t here. He calls Ronak and says he isn’t answering. He prays for him. Sujoy goes to beat Ronak further. Ronak kicks him and punches his face. Sir ji sees the crowd gathered. He says I will see and come. Sujoy catches Ronak’s neck.

Hanumant calls Gayatri and asks her not to come via market way, there is much jam. Gayatri says okay. Gayatri calls out Sir ji and signs him to come back. She tells what Hanumant said. They change the way and leave. Muskaan goes and stops Ronak from hitting Sujoy. She says you and your dad have no humanity, you have proved this today. She scolds Ronak. She asks him to leave and not snatch their lives. She says please spare us, don’t ever clarify anything to me, don’t show me your face again. Ronak throws the stick and says I didn’t wish to hurt you, I wanted a chance to tell you everything. She holds Sujoy’s hand. Ronak looks on. They leave.

Gayatri and Aarti give haldi to keep in Devi Maa’s feet.

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