Nimki Mukhiya 9th March 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 9th March 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 9th March 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Abhi says to Tettar that I knew you would not care about your sisters and daughters, do you want me to kill your son too? Tettar is stunned. Abhi points gun at Babbu. Ritu says how Abhi reached Mumbai? Abhi says if anything happens to Nimki and Tunee then I will send Babbu in pieces to you. Mai says dont you dare touch my Babbu. She asks Tettar to save my Babbu. Tettar says nothing should happen to Babbu otherwise you will lose Nimki. Abhi says I dont love Nimki more than I hate Babbu now, I have his pistol so I can easily shoot him.

Babbu comes to village. All are glaring at him. Nimki comes there and glares at him. Nimki says I told you I would drag you here. Babbu looks away.

Mai says to Tettar that they took Babbu to village, you couldnt do anything. Tettar slaps her

and says this happened because of you, you asked Babbu to go there, you are playing games here. Mai says you didnt do anything, you sent Babbu to Mumbai. Ritu says listen. Mai says you are useless, Tettar says what did you want? Ritu says why did you send Sweety there? Abhi followed her. Maybe Sweety told Abhi about his whereabouts. Dublo says shut up, you couldnt do anything and now saying all this. Tettar says you are useless so dont say anyting. Dublo says Mai is my mother, why did you raise hand on her? Tettar grabs his collar. Ritu says Dublo you are playing politics now? Tettar says to Mai that if you didnt send Sweety there then Babbu wouldnt be there. Ritu says we have to go to Panchayat to save Babbu. Tettar leaves with him.
Panchayat starts. Babbu says my father will burn this place, let me go. Panchayat says we will give you chance to talk. Babbu says who are you people? Nahar says dont say too much otherwise they will beat you. Abhi says these commoners will decide your fate today, he tells people that he did everything bad with you, decide his punishment. Tunee says we should beat him to death. Nahar says let panchayat decide. Head asks if Babbu wants to say anything? Tettar comes there with Ritu. Nahar says welcome Tettar. Tettar says what is all this? Nimki says I fulfilled mu promise, I told you I would drag your son here. Tettar says what sin Babbu did? Ritu says what are you saying Nimki? it happens between husband and wife. Abhi slaps him hard. Ritu stops his goons. Abhi asks him to control his tongue. Tettar says to panchayat head what are you doing? he is raising hand and nobody is stopping him? Ritu says we were not even invited here. Tettar says this is a drama and her father is involved. Mauha says shut up, dont take my father’s name. Tettar says now villagers will decide for us? Goons say now villagers will rule? we dont accept this panchayat. They start chanting. Tettar takes Babbu but Abhi stops him. Villagers start fighting with goons of Tettar. Abhi tries to stop them. Panchayat head says I am not from village but I am here, if you want to say something about your son then say it. Abhi says you cant stop this, Babbu will be punished here, if we fight then your son will die first. Nimki says I will bury him myself.

PRECAP- Nimki says to Babbu that Panchayat might not decide but I will fulfill my promise. I will make you wear bangles infront of all which you made me wear earlier.

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