Vikram Betaal 7th March 2019 Written Update

Vikram Betaal 7th March 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Vikram Betaal 7th March 2019 Written Episode

First Part from the Mahasangam Episode of Paramavatar Shri Krishna and Vikram Betaal. (8 pm -8:30)

Shri Krishna tells Mahadev that the vardaan is a curse which will be a danger for someone’s life. Mahadev says bhakt gets it with his bhakti’s power. Shri Krishna asks if there is no responsibility of God if the bhakt misuses it and says the God is equally guilty to the man doing the crime. Mahadev says I agree with you, but this is the limit of bhakt and him. Shri Krishna asks him to give vardaan which will benefit all and says if this happens, then no woman will be unsafe, like Mata Parvati.

Later Shri Krishna asks Andhak Asur not to insult a woman, if he don’t want to marry. Andhak asks him not to confuse him between Devi parvati and Parvati kaki. Shri Krishna says there are many

parvati in Vrindavan. They ask him to describe her. Andhak says she is sacred for peepal leaves and stumbles like sea shore. Shri Krishna says I understood everything and asks him to come with him. He says we will go to Devi Parvati and asks him to come. Betaal says Shri Krishna is going to some leela. Shri Krishna brings Andhak to Tulsi Plant. Andhak asks where is Parvati. Shri Krishna says whatever qualities you had told us, is in this tulsi plant so thi is Parvati. Andhak throws the tulsi plant and asks where is my parvati. Shri Krishna asks what wrong did you do? Andhak asks what did I do? Shri Krishna says vardaan gets destroyed by doing this. Andhak asks where is my Parvati. Shri Krishna says only Vrindavan vasi can tell you. Betaal says this is the difference between Natraj (Mahadev) and Natwar (shri Krishna). He reminds him of the question. The kids confuse Andhak. He asks what he was asking? Kids tell Kanha wants to ask. Kanha says they want to ask you why your name is Andhak? Andhak says when he was born, there was a darkness in the entire world and that’s why his name is Andhak.
Shri Krishna tells the Vrindavan people that Andhak is searching Devi Parvati. Andhak says if I come to know that someone is hiding her then I will burn Vrindavan. Shri Krishna says I will talk to them. People tell that they have seen Parvati and tell that they will bring her. Parvati sees everything from window. Yashoda asks if this asur is talking about you. She says Vrindavan Vaasi and my Kanha will not let anything happen to you. The people bring hammer, flowers etc and tell that this is Parvati. Andhak gets angry and asks if they are a coward. People asks him to see. They ask Andhak to accept. Andhak calls them foolish and says this is your conspiracy. Andhak tells that he will destroy all Vrindavan and becomes giant. He says you have done injustice with me and hid my Parvati. I will see who save you from me. Parvati says I can’t risk everyone’s lives and have to go infront of him. Shri Krishna asks her not to worry and says he won’t let anything happen to anyone.

Andhak says if my parvati don’t come infront of me then I will burn Vrindavan. Shri Krishna comes to him and says I understood now, and asks if he is searching Mahadev’s wife Devi Parvati. Andhak says yes, and asks where is she? Shri Krishna asks him to come in his usual form. Andhak becomes normal and asks where is Parvati and says I want to marry her. Shri Krishna says Devi Parvati can marry only on Maha shivratri. Andhak says I don’t believe you. Parvati comes there and asks if he will trust her and says Kanha is saying true. Andhak apologizes to Shri Krishna and says I will come tomorrow. Shri Krishna tells Parvati that they will celebrate Mahashivratri. Betaal reminds the question again and asks if Mahadev will be called guilty.

Second Part update in Paramavatar Shri Krishna’s episode update.

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