Aankh Micholi 6th February 2024 Written Update

Aankh Micholi 6th February 2024 Written Update by Amena

Aankh Micholi 6th February 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Prisha saying I want to become a DJ. Kesar asks what’s that. Shivani says she means playing music, and young girls dance wearing short clothes. Sumedh says its not a wrong thing to become DJ, don’t stop Prisha. Kesar taunts him. She says I have made some rules and no one can break it, neither daughters nor bahus, thanks for getting Prisha home safely, Prisha won’t go to college from tomorrow. Prisha says but… Kesar asks her to sit at home and complete studies. Mama says you are right.

Rachna says Prisha, Kesar isn’t punishing you but making your life better. Prisha scolds Sumedh and gets angry. Rukmani and her dad are on the way. Malhar says your dad likes me, you didn’t answer me, decide soon, if I get any other girl in Dwarka, then you are gone. Malhar helps Rukmani’s dad.

Rukmani’s dad says you have already done a lot for me. Malhar says I m glad to help you. Rukmani says I will help. She closes the window and jokes. Malhar asks her to sit. Rukmani’s dad says you have helped Rukmani in the race, without any selfish motive. Malhar thanks him. He says my Baa would be happy, she gave me dad and mum’s love to me. Rukmani says I have done three roles. He jokes. Rukmani smiles.

Sumedh is at the bus stop. He feeds the kids. He says Malhar is coming, you can identify him, he is wearing the same jacket. Malhar reaches Dwarka. Rukmani asks him to go. She gets down the bus. She writes a love letter for Malhar. She puts the love letter in Sumedh’s pocket. She smiles and goes to board the bus. She prays. Kesar and everyone are decorating the house to welcome Malhar. Rachna says I have to make kachoris. Shivani says you are going really slow.

Kesar cooks the food on stove. She says I will feed the food to Malhar, he will become IPS officer in 5 days. Sumedh sees Malhar. They hug and dance. Sumedh says mum would be waiting, come, the one who catches the keys would drive. Malhar tricks him and gets the keys. Kesar prays for Malhar.

Kesar scolds Sumedh for lying to her. She slaps her. Sona blames Rukmani. Piyush says the day you catch Vandana’s murderer, Sona will forgive you.

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