Ajooni 27th February 2023 Written Update

Ajooni 27th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Ajooni 27th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Gazal tells the family that Dua wants to put the blame on me but I heard her threatening Dadi to take my name. Haider shouts at her to shut up, don’t you dare allege Dua. Gazal says I am not lying, she was threatening Dadi and when I tried to stop her then she started beating me. Dua tries to speak but Gazal says I know you people won’t believe me but I don’t care as I am leaving. She starts leaving but Ruhaan and Hina plead with her to stop. Gulnaz says you can’t leave. Dua shouts that she is lying. Gazal says I respect you and I wanted to hide your sins but you have forced me to say all this. Shame on you. Dua says you should be the one to be ashamed. Hina tells Dua that how can you do that with Ami? Dua says don’t believe her. Rahat tells Dua that you shouldn’t have done that. Gazal smirks and thinks these people are going against her now and soon Haider will be with me. She leaves. Ruhaan shouts at Dua that you keep trying to break this family. Hina says I never expected this from Dua.

Gulnaz comes to Gazal and says you are playing so well against Dua.. they have all gone against her. Dua comes there and says you are a coward to attack behind my back. Gazal says I am doing justice for my parents. Dua says if you think you can get what you want by breaking this house then you are wrong. Gazal says you know your threats are useless as I keep winning and now everyone is on my side. Gulnaz tells Dua that she will eat you alive. Dua says she is a fox and not a lioness so she will be hunted soon. Gazal says just worry about your partner as he will be with me soon. Dua says then go and tell him what you want. Gazal stops her. Dua says you got scared? Gazal says how many times you want to be insulted? who will believe you now? no one is able to take your side and your beloved Dadi can’t speak anymore. Everyone will laugh at you if you try to blame me again, you are all alone in this fight. Dua glares at her and says I might be alone but not broken, once they find out that you want Haider then they will believe me and if you try to trap him then they will know I was right. She tries to leave but Gazal says if you tell them then I will also confess about Hina killing my mother and then her kids will hate her.. she will die because of that trauma. Dua says I will bring out the truth. Haider comes there and says what truth? Gazal says I will tell you.. Haider tells her to stop interfering between them. He tells Dua to come with him, he takes her from there. Gulnaz tells Gazal to be prepared.

Haider brings Dua to their room and asks if she is going crazy? how can yoy beat her up? I can’t believe you are my Dua. Dua says you can’t understand that girl has ulterior motives. She wants to destroy the family and with you.. she stops herself. Haider says what is it? Dua cries silently. Haider sighs and gives her water. Dua hugs him and says I can’t tell you enough that girl is not nice. Haider says why would she go against this family? Dua says there is a big reason. She thinks I can’t tell him the truth. Haider says I am tired of you hiding things from me. If you don’t tell me then I can’t help you. Dua thinks I can’t expose Ami’s secret. She says Gazal wants to destroy this family and the thing is.. they hear someone shouting Ruhaan.

The episode ends.

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