Anupamaa 5th July 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 5th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Anupamaa 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anupama thinking to keep the sweets inside and cleans the place. She finds Ishani’s hairclip and thinks to give it to her. She tells that it is good to throw the flowers, but difficult to pick them from the floor. She sits to pick the flower petals. Anuj comes there. She asks if you didn’t go till now. Anuj says I couldn’t go. Song plays…..Anuj holds her hand. She goes from there and cries. Anuj eats the sweets kept in the temple. Aadhya thinks to talk to Anuj in the morning.

Dimpy tells Titu that they didn’t get the decoration done, as the kids would ask question and it would be difficult to answer. Titu says I need time to sink in to believe that this is his room too. He says he has a home in Mumbai, but spent half of his life in the 5 stars hotel. He says there is peace here and tells that Ansh and you have become mine. They have a dance. Just then Ansh knocks on the door. Dimpy opens the door. Ansh asks why the room was closed. Titu says we were planning surprise for you. Ansh asks what? Titu says pillow fight. Ansh says Mamma asked me not to do it. Titu says she will not refuse now. Ansh and Titu have a pillow fight. Dimpy is happy to see their bonding.

In the morning, Dimpy wakes up and finds the time to be 8 am. She sees Titu making Ansh ready to go to school. Ansh says he needs something. Titu says he will bring. Dimpy gets emotional and teary eyes. Ansh asks what happened? Dimpy says she saw the dream fulfilling. They all have a hug.

Titu serves food to everyone and says it is my first rasoi today. Kavya says you are not bahu. He says he is son of the house, and asks kids to have the food and say. Anupama tastes the food and takes off bad sight from Titu. He asks kids to call him phupha ji and chacha. Mahi asks what I will call you. Kavya says Bhaiyya as Dimpy is your bhabhi. Vanraj comes there and asks kids to come, and says he will drop them to school. Ansh says Papa will drop us today. Baa asks him to have food. Vanraj thinks everything is the drama. Babu ji asks about Aadhya. Kavya says she went.

Aadhya and Anuj finish their breakfast. Aadhya tells him that she wants to go back and missing her friends. Anuj says he will book the tickets asap. She says she knows that Shruti and his marriage has broken because of Anupama Joshi. Anuj says he don’t want to talk right now. She says she wants to talk to him and tells that don’t know how is Shruti and she will never give her place to anyone. Anuj looks on.

Anupama gives sweets box to Beeji. Beeji says heart gets happy seeing Steel boxes. She says it is written Dimple with Tapish, wow. Baa says take one box from my side and says we give extra boxes to our favorite guests. Beeji asks if I am your favorite. Baa says not much, and that’s why I am giving just one. Beeji takes it. Kavya says we used to do such thing in school and used to give special chocolate to our friends and candy to others. Baa gives sweets steel box for Devika. Anupama takes it. Yashdeep says the ladies keep the plastic boxes which food delivery boys give. Babu ji says if it is their maayka box, then more safely. Anuj and Aadhya come there. He asks where is our box. Baa asks Babu ji if they can take 1 box, as they are away from family. Baa asks Anupama to give a box to Anuj, but Aadhya takes it from her hand. Anuj says I want to talk to you.

Just then Superstar Chef Judge Keith comes there and calls Anupama. Anupama gets stunned to see him there. Everyone stands up. Anupama goes to him and says Sir….you are here, how. She asks how did you get this address, as this address was not in my passport. He says it was easy to contact you, I contacted the agency and they located your family. Anupama asks if I have done something wrong. He says no and says I have come from USA to restore your honour with respect, title and your trophy. Anuj asks are you serious? Keith says you bet. Yashdeep gets happy. Anupama asks I am dreaming and asks him to pinch her. He says he can’t do. Anupama asks her to pinch her. Dimpy pinches her. Keith says this is not a dream, and says Rahul contacted us and confessed to all the wrong doings with proofs and Mr. Gulati is under arrest and I am here to say sorry that we didn’t give you a chance to prove your innocence and just snatched away your trophy, and I am here to restore your hardwork, talent and honour. Everyone gets happy. The media comes there. Toshu and Pakhi say that her act will increase now. Keith gives trophy to Anupama and says rightful owner of this trophy. Anupama gets emotional. Everyone is happy anc claps for her. Vanraj comes there and gets stunned. Anupama takes her trophy and jumps in happiness. Baa, Pari, Beeji, Kavya, Tity and others dance around her. Aadhya, Toshu and Pakhi are upset. Keith says I am happy and he also dances like Anupama. Vanraj looks on upset.

Baa asks Anupama to keep the trophy and says it will not go back to London. Kavya says Anupama will sleep hugging the trophy today. Yashdeep tells that he got health dept message, and says Ms. Smith has taken back the complaint and tells that spice and chutney will open again. Aadhya gets upset. Titu says my footsteps are auspicious like Lakshmi.

Anupama asks him to take her trophy with him, and get it framed like it was before, and keep it at the same place. Yashdeep says ok, and says whenever you return, you will find it there itself. He asks when you are returning. Anupama says she is not returning. Aadhya gets happy. Anupama tells that her innocence is proved now, she don’t want to go back and tells that she has learnt a lot in America, although there was a lot of troubles, and I learnt that our country is our country, so I will live here and will work for those women who has talent, but didn’t have the chance. Anuj says you can do it from there also. Anupama says now bye bye America. Anuj, Yashdeep and Beeji get upset.

Precap: Anupama asks Anuj to stop right there. Anuj says I can’t. He asks if I marry Shruti feeling pity on you, then if it will be good for us. Anupama says we can’t unite as our daughter don’t want. He says he will go from morning flight, but will return for her. Anupama cries.

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