Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhira crying and seeing Akshu’s pic. The people comment on her. The lawyer says sorry, we got the order to take your bar association license, your card will be with us till the matter gets resolved. Abhira says no, sorry, give me the card back, I didn’t do anything, trust me, I will prove my innocence. Armaan comes and looks on shocked. The man asks Abhira to cooperate with them. Armaan gets in between. The card gets torn. Armaan asks her to stop. She says be away from me. He says sorry. She scolds him. He says I will fix everything. She says fine, go and get my mumma back, I had to marry you and stay in your house, when I left, I had no money, I didn’t get any job because of your family, my life is becoming tough, you are the reason. He says sorry. She says I wish you didn’t come to Mussoorie that day, my mumma and dreams would have been alive. She leaves.

Armaan says Abhira always cared for me, I blamed her and didn’t listen to her, I will do my duty. Surekha asks what, will Armaan fight our case, if Manish knows… Ruhi says we have no option, we don’t have house papers, Armaan is a good lawyer. Surekha says if you fall in love with Armaan again… Ruhi says don’t worry, I will never fall for him, he said he is fighting the case for Abhira’s sake, he is just our lawyer. Armaan asks who was the judge, make me talk to him right now. He speaks to the judge on call and defends Abhira. She says if I prove her innocence, will you listen to me, okay. Abhira says please let me talk to the judge. The guard says no, I will lose my job, please go.

Armaan goes to Sandeep and asks for cctv footage. He says someone’s career is at stake. He goes. Abhira comes there and asks for cctv footage. Sandeep asks who are you. Abhira says I m a lawyer. She shows the card. Sandeep says you get police permission first. He sends her. The reporters come and ask her about bribing the judge and selling her ethics.

Armaan goes to the court and gets the bribe money and note. He gets the cctv footage. Dadi blesses Sanjay and says I m proud of you, firm won many cases because of you. Everyone smiles. Manisha says Abhira is blamed for bribing the judge, and judge made her out of the court. Dadi gives a toffee to Sanjay. Armaan comes and gives him the money. He says I m returning him the money, I got it in an envelope in the court, he deserves no relations. Dadi scolds him. Armaan shouts why shall I value him. Sanjay says if its about Abhira… Armaan says I didn’t take her name, stop blaming her, she didn’t do anything, she was going to fight her first case, Sanjay blamed her and got her ousted. Sanjay says lie, she did it. Armaan says I have to prove you a liar now. He shows the cctv footage to them. Sanjay is seen bribing the peon. Armaan argues with Sanjay. He says Abhira can’t get any job now, you sent her to my bachelors, she lost bar association card, when will your madness end. Sanjay says it doesn’t matter, she isn’t your wife. Armaan says for me, she is my wife, heart and everything, you will pay for your mistake, you will call a press conference and admit your crime. Sanjay says no way. Manisha asks why.

Sanjay asks Dadi to stop Armaan. He says what about my career, I won’t apologize to Abhira. Armaan says it will happen else I will leave Poddar firm. He asks Dadi to convince Sanjay if she can. Sanjay says no. Manoj says your clients will also leave the firm. Armaan says its their wish. Krish and everyone give their opinion. Dadi asks them to shut up. She asks Sanjay to do what Armaan wants. Sanjay refuses. Armaan says everyone has to refuse in front of love, this is my resignation letter. They get shocked.

Armaan gets a call. He says dad got shot. Doctor says Madhav needs blood. Abhira says I will donate blood to Madhav. Doctor says you can have health complications. Armaan asks Abhira to not save anyone’s life.

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