Jhanak 6th July 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 6th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 6th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shrishti saying Jhanak should get punished. Dadi says I agree with her, the culprit should be punished, take her along. Choton asks inspector to investigate. Inspector says we will do. Choton says just one person said Jhanak tried to burn Arshi, no one else saw that. Shrishti asks him to shut up and not influence the inspector. Shubh and Lal also stop Choton. Bipasha gets Jhanak downstairs. Shrishti says Inspector, she is Jhanak Raina. Inspector asks Jhanak her name. Jhanak says Jhanak Raina. He asks what’s your relation with this family. She says nothing. He asks Shrishti do you have a relation with her. Shrishti says far relation, but she doesn’t stay in my house, but she is here in my would be son-in-law’s house, its complicated case. anyways, I have told you everything, you have to give me justice. Inspector says she accused you for burning Arshi to try to kill her, its attempt to murder case on you, tell me. Dadi taunts Jhanak.

Shrishti says police will handle Jhanak now. Bablu and Choton ask Jhanak to answer the police without any fear. Appu says we all are with you, don’t get scared. Inspector asks Jhanak to say it. Jhanak asks what shall I say, you didn’t ask me anything, you just told your statement, its wrong, I didn’t do anything. Shrishti says she is so smart. Tanuja says we are fed up of her drama. Lal says we have a proof against her. Bipasha says we all were there, she tried to kill Arshi, she was getting married, she is a dancer and her feet got burnt because of Jhanak, we can’t spare Jhanak. Anirudh talks to the doctor. Doctor says Arshi thinks someone tried to kill her, she is in trauma, she thinks she can never dance now, counselling didn’t help, punish the culprit then she will get normal. He says I hope she talks to me. She says you can try, observe if she is reacting on your words or not, we didn’t allow the police to meet Arshi. Anirudh says I will handle everything. She says she is ill, her state of mind isn’t fine, you can go and wear sterilized suit, don’t stay there more than 2 mins. Anirudh asks when will you take the grafting decision. She says today, she will have a problem to dance. He says I will manage all the expenses, thanks. He goes.

Inspector asks do you accept the crime, are you responsible for burning Arshi. Jhanak says it was an accident. He says lie. Choton says you weren’t there, how can you say she is lying. Shrishti and Shubh ask Choton to shut up. Inspector says Shrishti gave the statement, we will interrogate at the police station. Anjana says don’t take her, her career will get stained. Shrishti argues in anger. Dadi asks Choton to be quiet. The inspector asks Jhanak to come with them. Bipasha and Tanuja say we are with Shrishti, punish Jhanak strictly.

Shubh says we know to what extent Jhanak can go. Choton says but you can’t take her like this. Inspector asks will you teach me work, we can take her into custody, we will let her go if she is proved innocent. Bablu asks what about her mental trauma and insult in society, how will you repay. Inspector asks did anyone ask your advice. Constable takes Jhanak. Appu says don’t take Jhanak, she didn’t do anything. Jhanak says it will happen what is written in my fate, don’t cry. Bablu says Anirudh should know about this, we are with Jhanak. Choton says yes, I know you are innocent, Jhanak, don’t fall weak. Jhanak says don’t worry. She consoles Appu. Jhanak is taken away.

Mrinalini is busy in work. Choton comes to meet her. He asks Ramlal to call her. Ramlal asks him to leave. Mrinalini comes and sees Choton. She says you got habitual to come without an appointment. He says I had no time, I didn’t come to sell books. She asks why did you come, that matter didn’t have my consent. He says I have self respect, I didn’t come to talk about that matter. She asks Ramlal to make Choton outside. Choton says stop it, I want your help. She says I won’t buy books, go now. Ram says come with me. Choton scolds Ramlal and asks him to leave. He says I have family crisis, I didn’t come to sell books. Mrinalini sends Ramlal out. Choton says do me a favor, I will never show my face, you were in marriage, you saw everything. She says yes, Arshi is admitted in the hospital. He says police has arrested Jhanak, you can help me. She asks what. He says I heard you talking to Jhanak, you can become an eye witness. She asks what proof do I have that I m telling the truth. He says you have written record of everything, did you click a pic or video. She says no.

He asks is there no way to save Jhanak. She says there is a way. He says then help me. She says I won’t help, you use your mind for some good work. He says I never disrespected you, I have no time, if they file FIR then… She says stop panicking, don’t you have any recording of that day. He says no, video recorder and photographer were there. She says go to them and take the footage. He says come with me. She thinks I will do this for Jhanak, she is innocent. She says okay, I will come. Choton says thanks. She says an innocent girl is in trouble, so I m doing this for her. He says okay, it will be good if we go out together, else people can misunderstand. She says don’t say nonsense. Anirudh goes to Arshi and says you will dance again, you will go t dance reality show also, I will take you there, I promise, won’t you talk to me, you will become a better dancer, and I will punish the culprit, whoever it is, trust me, I love you Arshi, I will always love you. Arshi doesn’t react. He says say something, get well soon. He cries and says I will not spare the person who did this to you.

Anirudh comes home. Appu says police arrested Jhanak, get her back. Anirudh asks how can police arrest her, I promised Arshi, I won’t leave the culprit. Inspector scolds Jhanak. Jhanak asks do you have a proof. Inspector asks the lady inspector to get Jhanak’s confession. Jhanak says I will accept the punishment if the crime is proved.

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