Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2024 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Armaan thinking what to do. Ruhi comes and consoles him. He says its hard to stay strong. Doctor says his state is getting bad, just check if blood is arranged. Abhira asks Aryan to get water. He goes. She asks Charu to let her go. She says you hate me, just let me go. Charu says no, I just care for family. Abhira insists her. Charu says okay. Dadi asks where is Abhira, why didn’t she give blood. Armaan says she can’t give blood, doctor said her health… Dadi gets angry. She says how many lives will you take, your real mom died because of you, Abhira’s mom died, if anything happens to Madhav then you will be responsible for that. Nurse comes and says Abhira donated the blood.

Abhira drinks apple juice. She asks Aryan and Charu not to get scared of Armaan. Armaan comes and asks them to go out. Abhira says no use to scold me now. He hugs her and says I will scold you later, I can’t even thank you enough. She asks him to go to Vidya. He takes care of her. Manisha and Vidya look on. Manisha praises Abhira. Krish comes and says Madhav is stable, operation is successful. Manisha hugs Vidya. Everyone smiles. Armaan thanks Abhira.

Everyone rushes to meet Madhav. Dadi caresses Madhav. Vidya and Abhira come. Vidya hugs him and says sorry. Madhav asks Armaan to note the date, she said sorry for the first time. They all smile. Vidya says if anything happened to you then… He says you would have complained again that I left you, I won’t give you a chance to complain. Vidya says I should tell this to you. She says I forgot to become a good mum, I will try. Abhira hides behind Armaan. Vidya goes to Abhira and apologizes.

Abhira hugs her. Dadi looks on. Abhira says don’t say sorry. She says you both are my mum and dad, I can do anything for you, you can do one thing for me, its time to keep the promise. She gives Vidya’s hand to Madhav. She says don’t let anyone come between you, promise. Vidya nods. Abhira gets sindoor box. She gives it to Madhav and asks her to fill Vidya’s hairline. He applies it to Vidya. Everyone claps. Madhav says just you are my priority, congrats for our new start. She says I will just be your Vidya, all other relations will be behind our relation. She apologizes to Dadi. She says I will choose Madhav first. Dadi says I was waiting for this day, you have served me a lot and took my blessings, now you take your husband’s love, it’s a happy day, Madhav is returning home. Vidya says no, I will stay in outhouse with him.

Dadi asks why won’t he return home. Vidya says nothing is fine between Abhira and you. Dadi says she is staying there by her wish. Vidya asks will you permit her to come inside the house. She says I have to go to Madhav. Dadi leaves. Manoj stops Dadi and says don’t stay annoyed with Abhira. Manisha says Madhav got fine because of Abhira. Kajal stops Sanjay. She says fate wants Abhira to stay as our bahu, so you couldn’t do anything, you couldn’t get them divorced till now. Manisha says everyone is different in the family. Manoj says it’s the beauty of family. Krish asks Dadi to think about Armaan, he loves Abhira a lot. They ask Dadi to agree. Dadi says never.

Abhira does a puja for Akshu and Abhinav. Manish comes to the temple. Armaan says Abhira isn’t alone. Manish sees Abhira.

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