Anupamaa 8th July 2024 Written Update

Anupamaa 8th July 2024 Written Update by H Hasan

Anupamaa 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anuj sitting at Aadhya’s side. Vanraj gets Chopra’s message saying he is waiting for NOC. He is about to take the anxiety medicine. Kavya asks why is he taking it and says she never saw him taking the medicines and asks why he is anxious and what he is going to do. He says whatever I do is for my family, you and Mahi. He takes the medicines and goes to sleep. Babu ji tells Baa that they have decided and will leave from here. She hears Baa crying and is about to knock on the door, when Babu ji asks Baa not to cry watching TV shows. He signs her that someone is outside. Baa says she didn’t watch TV shows during the marriage functions. Anupama is doubtful, but goes.

Kavya overhears Pakhi telling her friends about Vanraj giving the house to the builder and taken the advance, and tells that she will have her own penthouse, and she will plant costly plants, and will have her own wardrobe of international designer clothes, and gets happy. Kavya overhears her and gets shocked.

Shruti calls Anuj and talks to him. Anuj says Aadhya is sleeping, he will ask her to talk to her. Shruti asks him to bring Anupama there. Anuj says he will talk to her. Kinjal comes there and gives him green tea. She asks him to talk to Mummy, don’t waste time and says you both are meant to be together. She asks him to think about it. Anuj thinks how to make Anupama understand. Aadhya overhears them.

Vanraj thinks to get Anupama’s NOC. Kavya comes there and confronts him for not telling her about taking advance from builder. Vanraj says if I shall tell everyone about it. Kavya says she wants a share like Toshu, Pakhi and Dimpy, for her daughter Mahi’s security, Anuj tells Anupama that he is getting his tickets done and says if you get late this time, then we might lose our lives. He says I will get your ticket done too. Anupama says I was away for 5 years, away from everyone, away from even you also. She says now she can live alone and is habitual to it, and is scared of having relations. She says our choti hates me. Anuj says if you are habituated to live alone, then I am habituated to wait for you.

Dimpy knocks on Baa and Babu ji’s room door. Anupama comes there and asks what happened? Dimpy says they haven’t come out. Anupama knocks on the door and gets inside. She checks their stuff and finds it missing. Dimpy says medicine is also missing. Anupama goes out shouting Mr. Shah. Vanraj asks if Mata comes on you, tea was about to fall down from my hand. Anupama asks if tea is more important to you and tells that Baa and Babu ji left home. She tells that they were heartbroken so much since Pakhi hurt him, and he started distancing himself and Baa stopped gand must have heard Pakhi, Toshu and you, and yesterday he must have heard about advance. She says she will call babu ji. Anuj says he will call baa. Pakhi tells Toshu that seniour citizen over reacts and do the drama. Babu ji picks the call. Anupama asks why did you leave home, and asks if you was not getting me time, or if anyone not taking care of you. She says you should have scolded us and tell that this is your house. She asks them to return home and asks them to think about the kids. Everyone asks them to return. Vanraj asks if they have left him and asks him to beat him, but don’t go.

Precap: Anupama searches for Baa and Babu ji and finds their umbrella. Aadhya asks Anuj if he don’t want to leave Anupama and don’t want to return to US. Anuj asks Vanraj to come with him, else he will repent all life.

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