Jhanak 8th July 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 8th July 2024 Written Update by Amena

Jhanak 8th July 2024 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Appu saying Jhanak didn’t do anything wrong. Shubh scolds her. Anjana says Appu is right, Jhanak didn’t do anything. Bipasha says let police do the work, they will prove it. Anjana asks how. Lal says we will check cctv footage, why will Shrishti lie, she has seen it. Anirudh asks where is Choton. Shubh says we don’t know. Choton and Mrinalini see the footage. They argue. Bittu comes and plays the footage. They see Shrishti keeping the diya down. She asks Bittu to give them the footage. He says you keep it. Choton says we may need to give this to police, police will investigate, don’t worry. Bittu says I get scared of police.

He gives them the pendrive and thinks who is she, she is scolding Choton. Anirudh says I will go and see what evidence they have, they took Jhanak, they will have proof, I will get the culprit punished. Jhanak says I won’t let her come out of the bail. Tanuja says Shubh will fight this case and get justice for Arshi. Lal says no one can save her now. Shubh says Anirudh, you won’t go to police. Anirudh says no, I want to know who did this with Arshi. Appu scolds Anirudh. Anjana says you do what your heart says. Shubh says we are there for our son. Tanuja says you are our relative and you are taking that girl’s side, it’s the limit. Anirudh asks why did Bablu go there. Anjana says he has gone to bail her out. Anirudh says it’s a big thing that Arshi got burnt, we want cctv footage, I will go to police station. Appu says Jhanak taught me to always say the truth, she never lies, you meet her and ask her, did you try to kill Arshi, if she says no, then get her back, I can’t live without her. Anirudh cries and leaves. Anjana hugs Appu and consoles. Mrinalini and Choton are on the way. They argue a lot.

He says I m taking Sanyas because of you, I don’t want to die by marrying you. She gets angry. He says don’t know how is Jhanak there. Dadi says your Dadu thinks Jhanak can’t do this. Bipasha says she saved Dadu’s life. Shubh comes and says police didn’t file the case till now, how will we file the case if we don’t find a magistrate. Choton and Mrinalini come to the police station. Bablu says they aren’t letting me meet Jhanak. Choton says I have to talk to you. She says we will go and talk to Jhanak first. Bablu says there is no info, they have to present her in front of magistrate in 24 hours, they have to show that they took her into custody before 6pm, Anirudh wasn’t at home, he will know it when he comes home.

Mrinalini asks Bablu not to worry, she will handle it. They go. Tanuja asks will Jhanak come back here. Shubh says I m worried. Tanuja says Anirudh has sympathy for Jhanak, he might bail her out. Dadi says no, he said he will get her punished. The lady inspector asks Jhanak to tell the truth else….

Mrinalini, Bablu and Choton come there. She argues with the inspector. She says I m from Jhanak’s family, and principal of RNT school, you can’t treat her like a criminal until her crime is proved. Bablu also defends Jhanak. He says Jhanak is innocent, she is a nice girl, we know it, you have to listen to us. Inspector says I have no time to talk to you. Choton asks did you prove anything. Jhanak says what can he prove, he is forcing me to confess, they are threatening me, how can I confess when I didn’t do the crime, I didn’t try to burn Arshi and kill her. The lady asks Mrinalini to leave. Mrinalini says I have to talk to Mr. Vishal Brahmachari if you don’t listen to me, he is my friend’s husband, shall I call him.
Inspector says I spoke to him some time back. Mrinalini says good, you can talk to him again, he is your senior officer, I have to go to him and tell him that you are framing an innocent girl. Choton says we are family members, we have a legal right to know. Inspector says we won’t need to tell you anything. Mrinalini says you may fall into trouble. The lady asks her to call Vishal. Inspector says tell him anything you want. Mrinalini says strange, you don’t respect him, you want to prove that Jhanak has done the crime, I can prove her innocent. Bablu asks what’s happening here. Choton says Mrinalini will say, she is doing right. Inspector asks can you prove her innocent. She says yes.

Anirudh says if Jhanak did the crime then she should get punished, Arshi’s feet got burnt, don’t know she can recover or not. Jhanak hears him and cries. Anirudh turns and sees her.

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