Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th November 2022 Written Update

Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th November 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Bahot Pyaar Karte Hai 11th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Meghna saying who is she? Rahul says when did she come out of jail? Kadambari says a big surprise. Everyone sees Shivangi there in the court. Ritesh looks at Indu. Shivangi greets Judge and tells that she has come here to expose Ritesh Malhotra, wants to tell everyone that he is a cheap guy. Judge says you can’t say all these things here, hearing is going on here. Kalpana says I have called her here and shows abortion reports, which happened 4 years ago. Judge says it is of Shivangi Rathode. Kalpana asks Judge to let her say. Judge permits her. Shivangi tells that Ritesh is a betrayal guy and hates children. Judge asks how do you know him? Shivangi says he is my ex boyfriend. she says we were dating 4 years back. Ritesh says she is lying. Judge asks him not to cross his limits. Shivangi tells they were in a relationship, she used to forgive all his mistake, then she got pregnant and he laughed and got her aborted doen forcibly. Sameer smiles. Ritesh asks himself to be silent for zoon. Shivangi says the guy who aborted his own child, how he will be perfect father to Zoon. Judge says she needs time to think about this new information. Shivangi throws her fake tears and goes smiling. Ritesh says she is lying and gets angry. Indu stops him. Meghna asks Indu and Ritesh. Indu says Shivangi was lying, she used to like Ritesh, but he never looked back at her. Meghna says we might lose the case.

Jaya is making food for Kadambari’s guest. Dolly asks who? Jaya says lawyer. Dolly says she is planning to ruin us. Ritesh tells Rahul that he will kill Shivangi. Rahul says this is done by kadambari. Ritesh says Kadambari is selfish woman and didn’t search for Zoon since 6 years. He says we are missing something. Dolly comes there and gives them juice. She says Indu told her whatever happened in the court. Ritesh asks you made juice now. Dolly says Kadambari’s lawyer has come so jaya made juice. Rahul says kalpana is her lawyer. Ritesh asks him to enquire with the security. Rahul calls Security and comes to know about Mr. Kapadia. Ritesh calls Meghna and tells her about Kapadia. Next day, Meghna tells Ritesh and Indu that Kadambari’s father has named 5000 crores Rs. on Zoon’s name and that’s why she wants her custody. Ritesh says I knew it. Indu asks him to calm down. Meghna says lets hope that decision is in our favor.

Judge asks Meghna to start the hearing. She says she wants to brought a truth infront of the court, that whatever they did is to get Zoon’s custody. She says Kadambari wants Zoon’s custody for 5000 Rs and tells that she has copy of Kadambari’s father will. She says kadambari can get the money if she gets Zoon’s custody. Sameer asks Kadambari, how did she know this? Judge asks Meghna, do you want to say anything. Kadambari says she is not in touch with her father and didn’t ask for money from him. She says I was searching for Zoon since 6 years, and doesn’t care about this will. She says their souls don’t get shaken up, by doing this. Kalpana says if Kadambari wants property for Zoon then what is wrong. She says Indu reached to Palace from road for Zoon. Judge says both parties have done mistake, I will give the verdict after lunch.

Zoon tells Sunita that genie papa has promised to take me to his house. Sunita says you are very matured. Vivek tells Sunita about Indu’s call. Sunita asks her to give pooja flowers to Indu and Ritesh. She prays for them and the diya sets off. Sunita gets worried. Sunita prays. Kalpana tells Kadambari that she handled the will matter nicely. Sameer asks if decision will be affected. Kalpana says Swati is very careful while taking the verdict. Sameer says what we can do now. Kalpana says nothing. Kalpana says if we don’t get ghee, then twist full hand to get all the ghee. Judge Swati thinks she wants to think about Zoon’s good future. Peon comes there and says someone came to meet you. Kadambari’s guy comes there and keeps the box infront of Judge saying it is sent by Ritesh Malhotra. Judge gets angry and asks him to leave, and tell him that every persons are not saleable. She gets angry at Ritesh.

Precap: Kalpana says Kadambari is own mother of Zoon and nobody can love her like her. The judge says this court gives the custody of Zoon to…

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