Barsatein 23rd August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 23rd August 2023 Written Update by Amena

Barsatein 23rd August 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Komal and Kriti arguing. She says Aradhna can be our sister, not this Kiki. Viren and Malini ask Komal to be sensitive, it can be someone’s reality too, Aradhna is adopted. Aradhna says its okay, I want to ask that mother who did he leave her daughter and never came back. She says you are also a mother, you came here to pray for your children, my mother didn’t look back once, how can a mother be so stone-hearted. Viren says she is right, its not fair, such mothers are heartless. Malini says maybe she was helpless to leave the child, you will know it when you see things from a woman’s perception, rules are made for women, did you understand that mum’s pain, the society would have called her characterless. Aradhna says what about that child. Viren says Malini, your daughters are your life, can you leave anyone of them. She signs no. He says never. Aradhna says that child had no choice. Malini says mum’s love can come from anywhere, Yashoda was also a mother, I m sure that the mother who raised you gave you much love. She ties the thread to Aradhna’s hand. Kimaya says mom got senti. Viren says Aradhna is worried. Kimaya says don’t make her realize more, we have come for puja, be happy, come, Angad is waiting. Reyansh sees Aradhna. Viren asks did you like Kriti’s ideas. Reyansh says don’t worry. The girls ask Komal to help Kriti. They make some plan. Komal goes to Aradhna and asks shall we fix you with Rohan. Aradhna says no thanks. She sees Reyansh with Kriti and thinks he is flirting with him. She says I don’t know, maybe. Reyansh says we should go for a drive. Aradhna gets in between and talks to Kriti. She says make an app to erase the ex or his memories, kill him. Komal says I love it. Reyansh says dying doesn’t end stories. Aradhna says some stores have storms and destruction, its my hate story. Malini calls them inside to pray. Aradhna and Reyansh pray. She asks pandit to bless Kimaya and Angad. Komal says relax guys. Kimaya says this is love. Kriti asks Aradhna was her love cute. Aradhna says it was a big mistake. Malini asks do you think love is a mistake, I also think so. Reyansh goes to the pandit.

He looks at the idol. He says I m thinking of this idol’s worth. He asks pandit about it. Viren asks are you finding a story. Reyansh says its costly idol. Pandit says its fake idol, real one is stolen. Viren says such idols gets smuggled outside the country. Reyansh says story will be good. Viren says go for it. Kriti says I want to know all about him, some people steal hearts. Malini stops her. Angad and Kimaya talk about their marriage. Aradhna asks where is the real idol, do you have pic. Pandit says no, it will be in state library. Aradhna thinks I will do this story, I will find out.

Aradhna checks the details of the temple. Malini comes to the bakery and meets Aradhna. She says I came to meet Beena and apologize to her. Beena says pay the doctor’s bill, I will get fine, sit. Malini says thanks for handling my daughter, Kimaya is the eldest but very calm, she has low self confidence. Beena says I didn’t get children, who will think of their emotional stability, you used to come to our café and like our fudge, you were Rajan’s special friend. Malini says I just came to thank you. Beena says sit, I will get the fudge, sugarfree. Aradhna says you are worried for Kimaya, you love your daughters a lot. Malini says of course. Aradhna asks did you worry for someone else. Malini says no, I don’t see anything else than my three daughters. Aradhna cries and goes. Beena comes with the fudge.

Aradhna talks to Pooja on call. She says she doesn’t care for me. Pooja says you talk to Bhakti. Aradhna says Harsh asked me to never talk to Bhakti, I m alone here, you have sent Vikram, why didn’t you come. Pooja says he chose his friend, I m here to take care of your parents. Aradhna says take Chole bhature for them. She comes to office and talks to Tripathi. Reyansh comes and says I got a new story, acid rain, kids are drinking rain water and getting tripped. He sends Tripathi. He argues with Aradhna.

Sunaina comes. He says if her hatred makes her pain less, its okay. She says you are toxic. He asks her to go. He thinks Aradhna is going to the library at night. Aradhna goes to the library and talks to Tripathi. She says its my story, I will find out and call you.

Precap: Reyansh catches some goons. They shoot him. Aradhna is shocked.

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