Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 30th November 2015 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 30th November 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with tiwari taking flowers for anita but he says that i cant give it to her like this as she wont accept it so i will place this in the flower pot. He is placing it and anita opens the door n says that you have got these flowers for me so give me n come to me baby. The song tenu main love karda plays n he dreams about he throwing flowers on her n she sensually accepting it. Anita sees him throwing something n calls him out 2 times but he is in his dreams. She calls him out loudly. He then responds n she asks him about the flowers n vibhuti comes n says that from where did he get these funeral’s flowers? Tiwari says from where does it look like funeral’s flowers n they both start arguing. Anita says that why are you both arguing in the morning. Tiwari says that i am not arguing vibhuti started first. Anita asks vibhutu to shut up. She says to tiwari that these flowers are very nice n fresh n he got it for angoori right? He says in mind that i got it for you but you tore the bill on angoori’s name. He says yes i got it for her n vibhuti sighs n anita sees it n looks at vibhuti. Vibhuti taunts him him. Tiwari cooks up a story that he first time met angoori on a specific daten mentions the time also in hours:minutes:seconds. He then is going n anita says that give these flowers to her. Tiwari says yes now i will have to give it to her n goes. Vibhuti says its complete shit n how can he remember so much in detail. He is lying. Anita says keep quiet see how much he loves her n says do u remember what it is on 15th december(dec) tell me? He says that her father got an attack so he forgot his memory and agreed for their marriage. She saya no. He then keeps on telling some incidents n she keeps on refusing it. She gets angry n says get lost n says that dont return home untill you remember that day. He says this is not fair that you always throw me out of the house. He goes n says that this tiwari came n due to him i am in problem. He goes to angoori n tells her everything n asks her to ask anita about 15th dec. She says ok i ll ask. He then says thank you j says i love you but says i am thankful n speaks like an idiot. Angoori says sometimes he just acts like a mad person. Angoori goes to anita n talks to her about the magazine meri chunt saheli n then very cleverly removes the topic n asks about 15th dec. Anita tells her that it’s her favourite roshan uncle’s b’day n he was the only one in her fanily who agreed for her n vibhuti’s marriage n it was due to him that we got married but vibhuti doesnt remember this. Angoori says ok i ll go now. Anita says that dont tell this to anyone n gives her the promise of tiwari. Angoori gets a bit sad n says ok. Tiwari is doing some calculations n angoori comes n thinks i ll test his love n call him n says that can i ask you a question? He says ask two questions. She asks what was the food that i made for you after the next day of our marriage? He looks at her with mixed expressions n asks did u read meri chunt saheli magazine? She says you answer me n dont question me. He thinks that she might herself not remember so i ll fluke something. He says i ate allo paratha n brinjals made by you n tells the time again in hours:minutes:seconds. Angoori thinks i dont remember but if he remembers it might be right. She asks him when did u first pinch me? He says on 22nd jan n cooks up a story n angoori shies n goes away laughing. Tiwari says i said everything by fluke n her accelerator started. Vibhuti is talking on phone to prem n thanks him for lending him 10000 Rs/-. Vibhuti says i ll return it to u, you know whem anita gets angry i got to buy her an expensive gift. He again says i ll return it to u n says why do u always insult me n keeps the call. He comes in the house n hears anita talking to her n dadi(paternal grandmother) n about 15th dec but only half the talk cause in excitement he goes out n doesnt hear the rest. He says i ll give anita such a big surprise that she wont forget it.

Precap:- Vibhuti asks angoori but she keeps mum n she acts out n tells him that anita gave her tiwari’s promise not to tell anyone about it. She acts about roshan uncle’s b’day but he misinterprets it as baby. The doctor tells tiwari that anita is pregnant. Tiwari gets shocked.

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