Beyhadh 2 20th January 2020 Written Update

Beyhadh 2 20th January 2020 Written Update by MA

Beyhadh 2 20th January 2020 Written Episode

Ananya tries to feed Antara, but she doesn’t. Rudra walks in and tries to feed her. Antara says he is acting like Ris… Rudra asks to take complete name Rishi his memories haven’t left them at all. Antara cries reminiscing Rishi’s hobbies, his girlfriend, etc. Rudra asks if Rishi informed her about his girlfriend’s details. Antara says no. Rudra gets Maya’s call and tells Antara that he needs to go. Antara asks Ananya to accompany Rudra. Ananya says Rudra doesn’t need her help in a few things. Rudra leaves. He passes by MJ’s cabin and hears him telling Amir that they need to find out who Rishi’s girlfriend is as she must have killed Rudra. Amir says he got Rudra’s mobile and will find out. Rudra meets Maya and says MJ has Rishi’s mobile and will find out Rishi’s girlfriend soon. Maya says they will find out a way and ties him her mother’s given holy thread. Rudra asks her to thank her mother and asks when will his pain end. Maya says never and he will be habituated to live with it. Rajiv walks in and greeting them says he heard about Rishi and sorry for that, he heard Rudra needs Rishi’s girlfriend’s details. Maya says Rajiv is tech savvy and is trustable. Rajiv checks Rishi’s laptop and says Rishi has backed up his phone data. Amir also checks Rishi’s phone data and says they can even hear his call recordings. He sees data being deleted suddenly and says how can this happen. MJ says Rishi’s girlfriend erased the data. Rajiv erases data and says MJ cannot get anything. Rudra asks how will they reach Rishi’s girlfriend. Amir says they can check CCTV footage where Rishi is with his girlfriend. MJ sees Maya hiding her face purposefully and says as he said Rishi was not his target but someone else. Footage gets deleted. MJ fumes in anger.

Maya tells Rudra that MJ must have deleted a few videos, Rudra has to spy on his father and they both should try to protect Rishi’s girlfriend. Ananya enters and asks who will protect others from Maya, who Maya really is. Rudra drags her out. Maya thinks Ananya is stepping in wrong space and will pay for it. Rudra yells at Ananya that she should not support MJ always as he is untrustable. Ananya says Maya is up to something and he doesn’t know her truth. Rudra says he knows her truth, reminiscing Maya telling that she lost her brother. Maya smirks hearing that. Rajiv says Rudra is doing a mistake by trusting Rudra and he will be in a shock soon. Ananya walks out saying forget it. Rudra shouts he doesn’t care. Maya thinks she has to convert Rudra’s trust into love and then kill him. She walks to Rudra and says Ananya is right and she doesn’t like their friendship. Rudra says it is not true. Maya says Ananya is his childhood friend and supported him in his each sorrow and happiness, but he went to someone else for support, so obviously Ananya is angry. Rudra asks so what. Maya nervously says nothing, she is not in Ananya’s place and thats a fact. She tries to leave. Rudra pleads her not to go as he needs her. She asks why. He says he needs her help to find Rishi’s girlfriend and protect her from MJ. Maya says she is not going anywhere, MJ cannot harm Rishi’s girlfriend. He asks her to promise that she is not going anywhere and extends hand. She promises him. Rajiv signals excellent. She walks away. Rajiv says she fools him so well. Maya asks if other task it done. Rajiv says Ankit is gone. Enuch ties Ankit to a chair and walks towards him holding knife. Ankit shouts no..

Antara cries holding Rishi’s pillow and reminisces Rishi sleeping holding it. Ananya tries to console her. Antara says her Rishi was in love and wanted to marry. Ananya asks if Rishi introduced her to his girlfriend. Antara says her son was afraid that they would reject, same thing happened, MJ rejected Rishi’s request and Rishi committed suicide. Ananya asks her to go and rest and drops her to room. She returns and while fixing room sees a sketch and walks towards it, but just then servant uses vacuum cleaner and sucks sketch. Ananya scolds him and pullls sketch from cleaner and seeing half sketch thinks if Maya is Rishi’s girlfriend.

Precap: Ananya thinks she needs to inform MJ about Maya.
Maya tells Rajiv that Ananya has something which may harm them. Ananya walks to MJ’s cabin and says she needs to inform something. MJ asks what is in her hand.

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