Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 21st September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 21st September 2017 Written Update by H HAsan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 21st September 2017 Written Episode

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 21st September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jigna coming to Ranjeet’s house. Bakool is shocked to see her there. Jigna greets them. Harry hides his face. Jigna asks where is Vishnu ji. Bakool takes her to kitchen and asks why did she come. Jigna says when he can become servant for her, then why can’t she become like one. Bakool tells Jigna that Bua thought him as cook, and she is unwell. He thought to do seva for few days. She asks why did Harry acting to be her damad. Bakool says she thought him as Ranjeet’s damad. Jigna says I will also do his seva. Bakool asks her to kneed the flour. Bua asks Ranjeet who was that girl. Bakool comes and says she is my wife. Sheena gets upset. Bua asks him to serve food and goes.. Sheena asks why did you tell that Jigna is your wife. Bakool says he lied infront of Bua

and made Jigna understand too. Sheena says I shall thank Jigna and goes to kitchen. Jigna says she came to support his Vishnu ji. Bakool comes there. Jigna calls him Vishnu ji. Sheena says Bua is not here. Jigna says Pati is Pati only. Bakool says we have to be in character. Sheena says I got scared. Sheena and Jigna hug each other. Bakool smiles.
Bua likes the food made by Jigna. Jigna says she seems to be fit. Bua praises Jigna’s cooking skills. Jigna asks shall I bring something. Bua says a small bowl of kheer. Jigna goes. Sheena calls baby to Bakool and asks him to have food. Bua says you called him baby. Sheena says she called baby to Harry. Bua asks harry to eat and doesn’t let Bakool eat. Bakool says he is hungry since morning. Bua thinks why she takes care of Servant more than her husband.

Jigna is massaging Bakool’s feet. Bakool says he don’t like to see her working as Servant and will drop her back. Jigna says she can’t see him sleeping on kitchen floor. Sheena messages Bakool and asks him to come. Bakool thinks she will make me die and replies not now, if Bua wakes up. Sheena says if you don’t come then I will come. Jigna wakes up with the message beep and asks if morning came. Bakool says no and asks her to sleep. Bua thinks why Harry is sleeping on sofa here, she thinks may be Sheena had a fight with him. Bakool comes to Sheena’s room. Sheena says now she will not plan fantasy as he is here. She says Jigna must be enjoying with Harry and we shall enjoy here. Bakool asks are you mad, we can’t meet secretly. Sheena says this is not done, I can’t bear this. Bakool says don’t worry, hug me. Bua peeps in her room and sees Sheena hugging Bakool, thinks to talk to Ranjeet.

In the morning, Ranjeet tells Bua that her heart is big that she is thinking to give her wealth to Sheena. Bua says she is doubtful about Sheena’s character and tells that she saw him hugging Bakool. Dagdu says he is her husband. Ranjeet says he forgot. Bua asks him to kick servant out. Ranjeet is shocked.

Bakool comes to Harry and kicks him. Harry asks him to be in limits. Bakool scolds him and is about to drink the juice. Bua comes and scolds him. Bakool gives juice to Harry. Sheena says if Bua comes to know then. Bakool says you don’t respect me. Sheena says I will give you kiss and asks harry to turn. Bua comes and asks what you are doing. Sheena says she is blowing air in his eye as some particle fell inside it. Bua says she will do. Bakool says eye is fine now. Bua asks him to go and bring tea. Sheena says although he is a Servant, you shall talk to him nicely. Bua says your love is Harry, if you forgot your marriage and wedding vows that I will get your marriage done with him again. Harry spits the juice. Sheena says she don’t show her love as someone’s bad eye will fall on him. Bakool brings tea. Bua says she needs coffee. Bakool says you asked tea. Sheena says she will make coffee. Bua asks Bakool to go and make coffee.


precap: Buaa troubles Bakool a lot and makes him sweep the house. Sheena tells Ranjeet about the romantic bhoot and says if that bhoot is after you. Later Jigna and Sheena act as ghost to scare Bua.

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