Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 27th August 2019 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 27th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 27th August 2019 Written Episode

Vibhu happy to have Jhumru back, Tiwari makes fun of their relation. Vibhu says excuse me, and Anu ask him to shutup, Anu says who is Jhumru how is he your father,Vibhu says Ahuti is my biological dad and he is one who taught me to live and hustle. Tiwari insults again, Angoori scolds him and says enough of it, Anu says this Jimmy is such a local name, Vibhu says yes it is he found me in garbage took care of me,raised me, Anu says what were you doing in garbage.Vibhu says lets avoid

Angoori says i know, Vibhu teased his neighbour aunty and ran away, Anu asks Jhumru to tell his nonsense more, Jhumru says whatever i want to introduce him as Jimmy street dancer and will help me with money will you Jimmy,Vibhu says yes uncle, Tiwari says what yes you have job in Meerut here, Anu says he

will go, Vibhu tears the appointment letter and says i will.
Tiwari starts flirting with Angoori, Angoori says im in no mood, Tiwari says let me help, and singa for her, Tiwari’s phone rings, its Mittal, and asks where is your topper, Tiwari says he turned away, Mittal says i want that man or else you will loose your contract as well.

Anu trying to convince Vibhu for Meerut,Vibhu says look i can’t live without you I’m not going Meerut,Anu says swear on me,Vibhu says you dont trust me,Anu says no, you going for that man jhumru, Vibhu says im not going, Tiwari says you have to,Anu scolds Tiwari for intervening their privacy, Vibhu goes to sleep.

Vibhu visit Angoori, and tries to share his feelings,Tiwari walks to them,Vibhu says i accept Meerut offer. Tiwari happy tells Mittal about it. Vibhu gets Jhumru food, he says wow yummy breakfast, Anu says Vibhu made it please have it,Jhumru starts stuffing his mouth, Anu says what is this, Vibhu says sshhh he is hungry.

Uncle says come back to me my son,Anu says what does that mean, Jhumru says my street dance group, Anu says try understand he cant,he is married has responsibilities,uncle says he cant i hace dreams based on this,Anu says me too, please understand,Vibhu says uncle i can’t help you im in relation now.

Prem walks to director says you need 100 dancers you have 2 i got 3 more. Chuno says thank god you came, Prem introduce to boys. Chuno says these dont look like dancers they look like drivers, boys defend themselves and ask for a chance,chuno keeps insulting, boys say prem you called to insult us, chuno says you have no respect to insult,Boys insult chuno, Chuno throws them out.

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