Maharana Pratap 30th November 2015 Written Update

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Maharana Pratap 30th November 2015 Written Update by Amena

Maharana Pratap 30th November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Akbar saying he wants to introduce his soldiers group to Jagmal. The guard says army is ready to leave for Udaipur. Akbar asks guard to arrange lunch for him and Bhagwandas. The guard says all the arrangements have been done. A messenger comes and greets Akbar. Akbar asks whats the bad news, who died this time in the war. The man says Bailol Khan. Akbar gets shocked. He asks who has killed Bailol Khan and how. The man says Pratap has killed Bailol Khan and that too in brutal way. Akbar asks Khurasa to go in the war. Khurasa obeys him and leaves.

Kazi Khan asks the Mughal army to kill Rajputs. The war continues. Hai rang rang…………..plays……….. The soldier tells Maan Singh that their army can’t stand infront of this Rajput army. Mewar army another batch of soldiers come there. Pratap and his army see this. Acharya says Ranisa has send them for our help. Pratap says how can Phool can take such a big decision alone. They all get together to fight with Mughals. The soldier asks Maan Singh to order the soldiers to move back. Maan Singh sees the army coming in huge number. Maan Singh gets shocked that Khurasa is heading this army, it means they are Mughal army in Mewar’s disguise.

Bhagwandas dines with Akbar. He is glad that Akbar did favor on him and his son Maan Singh. He says you gave us chance to prove our loyalty, I have no words that you chose us, just give us chance to serve you more. Akbar says your ring is very beautiful, whenever I meet you, I just see this. Bhagwandas says I m wearing this since ages, it does not get removed else I would have given you. Akbar calls his fate bad. Bhagwandas says he will give him the ring and gets a knife. He cuts his finger while Akbar looks at him.

Pratap says today we have to show Mughals our strength. The mughal army dressed as Rajputs enter Pratap’s side. They start killing the Mewar army. Pratap asks why are they attacking our army. Maan Singh asks Multan Khan did he knew this cheat, its not fair in war. Multan Khan says this new army will make us win. Maan Singh says for Rajputs, values and ethics are important, I will bring their real face out, Rajputs fight by power, not deceive. Multan Khan asks Maan Singh will he go against Akbar.

Akbar shows the soldiers batch to Jagmal and asks him did he head soldiers batch before. Jagmal says no, I did not get such chance till now. Akbar says then you got this chance today. Take this army to Udaipur and spread the news that Pratap is losing in war, it will create chaos and then you control Udaipur, you have to promise you will kill Pratap’s wife. Jagmal promises him. Akbar says he is giving him big Mughal army, you just have to guide them, if you fail doing this, I will kill you, I hate failed people. Jagmal says trust me, this time Jagmal will not fail. He leaves. Akbar smiles and says this is my last attack Pratap, you will lose. Pratap says I think they are fake soldiers. Rana Punja beats them. Pratap says we can test them by saying Jai bhavani, I know what our army will do. He says Jai Bhavana and his army sits down, while Mughal army stands. Mughal army does not know what to do. Pratap says see our Mewar army and others are cowards to cheat us in our land, you all know what we have to do with them. The fight continues.

Kazi Khan throws arrows on Archarya Ji. Jagmal proceeds with the army and stops them. Jagmal says I will feel today how it feels to be king, this huge army stopped on my one sign, great. He ask them to move back. The army obeys him. Jagmal asks army to do what Akbar told them, they will mix in this area as common people and spread the news that Pratap lost in haldi ghati war. Kazi Khan says our soldiers are dying, we have to stop Pratap. Kazi Khan asks his soldier to attack on Pratap’s strength, that’s his horse Chetak. Multan Khan says Maan Singh your nephew is great. That guy goes to attack on Chetak and hides behind his horse. Kazi Khan sees him. That guy attacks on Chetak. Pratap gets shocked. Chetak gets wounded. Pratap throws his sword on his chest and kills him. Maan Singh shouts no…………

Pratap sees Chetak bleeding and asks him is he fine. Maan Singh looks at his nephew. Pratap scolds Maan Singh and says this bad deed has made all Rajputs ashamed, he has now become Mughal, who are cheaters, he has sent Mughal soldiers by cheat, he should be ashamed, he is not a Rajput now, you have just cheated our land till now, come I challenge you for war infront of everyone. Maan Singh says I think both armies lost many soldiers, so I request you to end this battle now, we will meet with new energy. Pratap says he did not insult any peace proposal till now, go before I forgot my rules and that you were Rajput. Maan Singh asks Mughal army to move back, they will go for rest. Maan Singh leaves with his army.

Akbar tells Maan Singh that Pratap has killed Bhagwandas ji brutally and shows the ring. Maan Singh shouts Pratap. Pratap asks his group to be ready, tomorrow will be last day for Pratap, we will kill Mughals and get back our throne. Maan Singh says Pratap will die tomorrow.

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