Bhagya Lakshmi 12th January 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th January 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sonal thinking where is Malishka, if Devika heard everything and surely Malishka would be fighting with her. She thinks if I get trapped and thinks to go and check. She collides with Malishka who has just come back. Malishka tells her that Devika had gone to Dadi and said that we are planning something. She says Dadi scolded her and asks her not to think anything. Sonal says we will be in fear always of being caught and asks her to get married to Rishi at the earliest. Malishka asks what to do, if I shall make him sit on the mandap forcibly with me. Sonal says if anyone comes to know, then you will lose Rishi and don’t know what will happen. Malishka asks her to say that Rishi will not remember even Lakshmi’s name.

Lakshmi sees balwinder holding the knife and recalls Malishka’s suicide. She recalls Balwinder threatening her that he will take revenge from Neha, Shalu and bani, and will never let them get married, if she don’t agree to marry him. He says they will scold you. He then says he will try to kill Rishi many times and one time you will be successful. He asks her to take a decision. Rishi runs towards Balwinder. Rano comes home. Bani collides with her and the money falls down from Rano’s hand. bani asks her from where she got so much money.

Karishma asks Neelam not to worry as that inauspicious girl went from Rishi’s life. Neelam says Rishi will marry Malishka, but I am still upset that he has done this with her. She says if Kiran and our friendship will be like before. Karishma says everything will be fine with time. Neelam says don’t know what happened to my son. Karishma says don’t know what lakshmi did with him, that she is everything for Rishi. Neelam says don’t know what happened to Rishi. Karishma says she has blindfolded him and says Rishi and Lakshmi shall never unite, never and ever. Lakshmi runs and comes between Rishi and Balwinder. Balwinder’s knife injures Lakshmi’s back. Rishi says sorry to Lakshmi and says I will take you to hospital. Balwinder is about to attack Rishi. Lakshmi pushes Balwinder. She asks Rishi to leave him and asks him not to worry for her, asks what is our relation now. She says you show as if you are worried for me. Rishi says if you get sad or pain, then even I feel the same. Lakshmi asks how you are feeling, as I got pained due to your betrayal. She says I am inauspicious and does bad with everyone, and asks him to stop worrying for her. She says how she must be feeling to have expose her husband’s wrong doings. Balwinder hears them, trying to know what is the matter? Rishi asks her to come with him to the hospital. Balwinder tries to stop Rishi. Rishi asks him to leave. Lakshmi says you have no right to talk to Balwinder like this, as he is my would be husband and I am going to marry him. Rishi drops the knife shockingly and asks if you have gone mad to marry this street guy, did you forget that he has done bad with you. Lakshmi says what you have done with me and asks him to go and worry for Malishka. Rishi says I will not let you marry this cheap man. Lakshmi asks with what relation, if anything is left between us.

Rishi says we have still friendship relation, we are always together, you care for me and I care for you, we share the pain. Lakshmi says she don’t want to share pain with him and asks him to go. Balwinder asks Rishi to go. Rishi hits him. Balwinder asks Rishi to stay in his limits. Lakshmi shouts at Balwinder to let them talk, and tells Rishi that everything is over between them, now she has become stranger for him, and if she was in his life, then she is now dead. Rishi says I am feeling as if I am talking to a stranger. Balwinder holds Lakshmi’s hand and tells Rishi that he will keep her happy and will get her whatever she wants. Rishi requests Lakshmi not to marry this cheap guy. Balwinder asks the people to leave who are hearing them. Rishi says if you don’t agree then I will kill Balwinder. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave Balwinder, and takes him to side. She says don’t increase hatred in my heart for you, there is nothing between us, so don’t grow hatred in my heart for you. She asks him to go and marry Malishka, and says Lakshmi is not in your life anymore. She cries. Rishi is shocked and goes.

Rishi is driving the car and recalls whatever Lakshmi told him. Balwinder makes Lakshmi get up. He stops the car and gets down for sometime. He thinks of Lakshmi and his moments, sits in car again. Balwinder thinks why lakshmi went, when he was trying to hold her. Rano scolds Bani and says I have brought money for Neha’s marriage. I have borrowed this from someone. She says lakshmi shall agree for marriage. Bani says we can’t force Lakshmi di for Neha’s marriage. Rano calls her selfish and says you are staying in my house, and asks her to be thankful to her. She says if Neha’s alliance doesn’t happen and if her life gets ruined then I will not leave three of you. She asks her to make tea.

Kiran meets malishka and sonal in the coffee shop. She tells that Rishi didn’t agree to marry till now and says his self respect is dead, but I still have and will not make him as my son in law. Malishka says he is mine and will be mine always. She says he loves me and will shower love on me after marriage, like he had done with Lakshmi whom he never loved. Kiran says I am giving you ultimatum, and says if Rishi refuses then I will not let you enter his house after tomorrow, this is my last decision. She leaves. Malishka gets upset. Sonal asks her to calm down and says we shall wait for today. She says we shall thinks something and asks her not to be hyper. Malishka says Rishi has to agree for this marriage, else I will die and will kill him before that, this is my last decision. Shalu comes home. Bani asks where is Di? Shalu says Chachi must be knowing. Bani says no. Shalu worries for Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes there sad and upset. Bani goes to get water. Shalu asks what happened di. Bani brings water and gives to Lakshmi. Shalu asks her to drink. Balwinder comes there holding sweets box and calls Rano. Rano whispers to him not to tell anyone about their deal. Balwinder asks her to have sweets and says my alliance is fixed. Rano says yours? And scolds him. Balwinder says the girl agreed to marry me. Rano thinks if this donkey monkey is trapped by some other girl and will take back money from me. She asks who is she? Balwinder says his heart Mallika and says Lakshmi. Bani asks if he has gone mad to say anything. Shalu says I will break your mouth. Rano asks him to leave. Balwinder says I will be marrying Lakshmi. Shalu raises hand to slap Balwinder, he holds her hand.

Karishma tells Virender and Neelam that they shall get Rishi married like he was married to Lakshmi. Virender says he is an adult and we can’t force him to marry. Ayush says yes. Karishma asks him not to interfere. Balwinder says they will become his sister in law and asks them to ask Lakshmi if they don’t believe him. He asks Lakshmi to say that she agreed and says she said yes, standing infront of Rishi and 200 people. Malishka and Sonal come to Oberoi house. Neelam asks them to sit and says they were talking about Rishi and her marriage. Malishka asks if he agreed. Karishma says he will agree as he has no valid reason to refuse. Sonal murmurs first he was behind her and now running away. Ayush hears her. Sonal asks if he is keeping eye on all the family members. Ayush says his eyes are just on one. Balwinder says Rishi and I were fighting, when Lakshmi agreed to marry me. Lakshmi says no.

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