Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishi smelling the paper flower and says people say that paper flower doesn’t have any smell, but it has fragrance of emotions, understanding, pure relation, heart to heart connection. He smells it again and says one different kind of smell is also there, of Lakshmi’s anger and fights, and says there is a love in her anger and fight. He thinks of their moments. Neelam comes to Karishma and asks if she has invited all the guests. Karishma says she has invited and everyone confirmed. Neelam asks how is the party arrangements? Karishma says Malishka has taken up the responsibility, and we all know how capable she is. Neelam says I know. She says thankfully there is no involvement of inauspicious lakshmi and tells that for the first time everything will be fine without any drama. Karishma says Malishka will make the party memorable. Neelam says for Rishi also.

Rano makes green tea and thinks she has to get it from neighbor, Rahu and Ketu don’t give her. Shalu asks her not to sit and tells that there is a lizard on the sofa. Rano jumps and drops the cup. She takes bad word for lizard. Bani says relatives are also bad. Rano asks if lizard is gone. Shalu asks did you called me lizard. Rano goes from there. They are happy to scare her. Bani says if Chachi had not fixed Lakshmi’s marriage with balwinder, then di and jiju would have been united. Shalu tells that they will unite and tells that Ayush has invited us for party. She says Neelam aunty is going to announce about Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Bani gets worried. Shalu says they shall stay positive.

Rishi opens his bathroom door and asks Lakshmi to give towel to him. Lakshmi hears him and thinks how she can go to his room, she has no right on him now. Rishi says whoever hears me, give me a towel. Malishka comes there and asks him to take towel. She then teases him and asks him to promise that he will give her whatever she asks for. Lakshmi comes there. Rishi promises Malishka. Malishka gives him towel and thinks after marriage, she will give him towel in such a way that he will forget towel daily. Rishi comes out of the bathroom and wipes his head. Malishka feels the water drops fall on her. Rishi goes to the bed and slips. Malishka falls with him. Rishi gets up immediately. Lakshmi tries to go from there. Malishka stops her. Lakshmi says I have some work. Malishka asks her to do work in her house after her marriage and thinks you have tortured me much, now it is my turn to torture you. She asks her to become witness. Lakshmi asks for what? Malishka says he has promised that he will give me anything I ask for. Rishi asks what you want, diamond necklace, ring etc. Malishka says I want something else. Rishi asks whatever you want. Malishka thinks she will ask what she couldn’t get in dream.

Ayush collides with Karishma. Karishma asks why you don’t walk and see. Ayush asks why you gave party’s responsibility to Malishka. He says elder daughter is there? Karishma says neither me nor Sonia is interested. Ayush says Mama’s elder daughter is there. Karishma asks him not to insult them, by calling Lakshmi as elder daughter. He says Lakshmi’s level is very high. Karishma says we gave party responsibility to Malishka as she is our bahu now and this party is for her. Ayush gets angry and thinks he thought Lakshmi and Rishi will be together today, and thinks if Malishka was a guy then he would have dragged her by his hair and beat him.

Devika comes to Dadi and asks him to drink juice. Dadi refuses and tells that she don’t want to drink. Virender asks why? Dadi says today Neelam is going to announce. Virender says this is God’s will, no miracle will happen now, we can’t do injustice with Malishka and can’t let Lakshmi’s sacrifice go waste. He says they shall accept it as God’s will and asks Dadi to drink juice.

Rishi asks Malishka to tell and asks if she will take all day. Malishka says I want you to express your love to me, stamp our relation, I want you to prove your love for me and that’s why I want you to kiss me infront of everyone. Rishi says kiss…kiss wala kiss. Malishka says ofcourse, Rishi says I can’t do this, I have expressed my love many times, and already stamped is done on our relation and tells that he is not comfortable to kiss her infront of everyone. Malishka says you have promised me and asks lakshmi to say.

Neelam calls Kiran and asks if Malishka told you. Kiran says yes, she told. Neelam asks if she is happy. Kiran says she is very happy and apologizes for that day, and says Abhay and I had got emotional. Neelam says we are best friends, and that’s why sorry and thank you will not work. She says we are samdhans also. She asks her to come there with abhay and says she will announce their marriage today. Kiran says she can’t wait to see them married. Neelam says even I want to see them together. She ends the call. Kiran asks God to give happiness to her daughter. Malishka asks Rishi to kiss her infront of everyone. Rishi asks her to listen. She says I am just asking for kiss and asks if he has some problem. Rishi says yes, I don’t want to kiss you.

Balwinder sees Kamli and thinks why did he romance with her. Kamli is wiping the floor with wet cloth. Balwinder gets Sonal’s call and asks Kamli to go from there and threatens her. Kamli’s phone falls down in the water bucket due to Balwinder. She picks it and goes. Sonal thinks he must have died somewhere. He calls her. Sonal says he is alive and then also didn’t pick the call. She picks the call and asks why you didn’t pick the call when you are alive. Balwinder says she has not bought him. Sonal asks him to go to hell. Balwinder says he is injured and wants to burn people’s house. He says what matters to me, is what matters to Malishka. He says my advantage is lakshmi and asks her to give news about her. Sonal tells that Rishi is having valentine’s day party at home. Balwinder asks what to do? Sonal asks if you have mind and provokes him asking if he has mind. Balwinder says you have greener my wounds and thanks her for informing him about party. Sonal thinks why to spoil Malishka’s name always, she asked me to give info to lallu and I told him. She says lets see what he does.

Rishi tells Malishka that kiss is a private thing and he can’t kiss her infront of everyone. Malishka says she wants kiss infront of everyone and wants to make the moment grand and memorable. She says it is a ritual at many places, husband and wife kiss each other after marriage, what a big deal? Rishi says we are not yet married. Malishka says you can’t break the promise. She says you have promised Lakshmi to get her married. She says I get hurt to see you with your ex wife and says if you fulfill your promise made to your ex wife then you have to fulfill your promise made to your would be wife.

Precap: Malishka tells Rishi that she will wait for kiss infront of everyone. Rishi asks Lakshmi how he can kiss her infront of everyone. He says I am modern so can I kiss you infront of everyone. Ayush tells I trust God and what belongs to someone, will get. Lakshmi finds Rishi’s letter asking her to wear the dress and come to the party. Balwinder says get ready Lakshmi, your life real devil is coming. In the party, someone tells that this Jodi will be always together and asks them to welcome Rishi and….Rishi and Lakshmi comes there together. Everyone looks at them.

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